Co-founder of Apple has joined blockchain project


Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak has joined blockchain project called Global EQUI. Previously Wozniak was skeptical towards the cryptocurrency industry, he compared the digital asset bubble burst, but has confirmed the validity of the leading virtual currency Bitcoin, calling it “pure digital gold.”

In the framework of the project Global EQUI in the Ethereum blockchain will be released tokens Equi, which can be used to purchase a digital asset for the cryptocurrency exchanges. Wozniak plans to bring on Board Equi Token private investors interested in investments in technology companies.

Global EQUI is essentially a venture capital Fund. Approximately 80% of funds will be invested in different blockchain startups that, according to Wozniak, have high potential. The main objective of the Fund is to Finance innovative projects. At the moment the firm EQUI Global has partnered with 20 companies.

Steve said:

“Every day I come up with dozens of new ideas, but I always tell them no. For the first time in 20 years, ever since Steve jobs founded Apple, I said Yes!”

Company EQUI Global was founded almost a year ago, originally the project had planned to hold a primary offer of coins (ICO) for the purpose of selling tokens Equi. However, with the advent Wozniak plans the leadership has changed: the company became a venture capital Fund will focus on investments in cryptocurrency enterprise.

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