Co-founder of Blockstream has created a revolutionary mechanism for scaling Bitcoin


Co-founder of Blockstream has created a revolutionary mechanism for scaling Bitcoin

Mark Friedenbach, a former applications developer for NASA and co-founder of Blockstream, presented a new concept of scaling Bitcoin – Forward Blocks.

Forward blocks allow you to implement different solutions for scaling without holding hard forks. Therefore, without a radical change in the network Protocol, developers can test the effectiveness of any decision, whether increasing the block size or change the algorithm to reach consensus.

Changes in the structure of the code Bitcoin always was a big problem. Remember, what squabbling has turned the controversy surrounding SegWit. They turned hardforum and so many negative that the followers of different approaches to scaling the service still hate each other. The new approach will help to avoid this.

Carl-Johan ALM, developer of the Bitcoin Protocol, believes that the Forward Blocks will provide a “massive technological leap”.

Friedenbach said that the forward blocks allow multiple Saidjanov. This idea resembles the concept of sharding, which is planning to implement in the Air. The forward blocks are not connected to each other and maintain their own transaction separately. However, between these “fragments” can be synchronized.

If the network participants do not reach consensus on the proposed changes, softform still happens. Nodes that implementerat changes will work as core network nodes, refused to make changes – like shards.

The concept of Forward Blocks assumes that the maximum load on the network can be increased 3584 times
the costs for confirmation of blocks and risks of centralization decreases. In addition, the network can be implemented any know-how like ring signatures for anonymous transactions.

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