Co-founder of Ethereum apologized for a story about sex with dying from AIDS girl


Co-founder of Ethereum apologized for a story about sex with dying from AIDS girl

Co-founder of Ethereum’s Gavin wood has apologized for a controversial blog post he made in 2013 and subsequently deleted. BuzzFeed published a piece of text, which last year surfaced on Reddit. The plot of this story in the first person is a description sex with a young girl named Elizabeth, dying from AIDS.

Wood tweeted a long Declaration, the request to forgive him for negligent publication. He claims that we are talking about fiction, a literary work designed to “stimulate debate” about the nature of consent.

A blog that wood was conducted in 2013, called “Insight on the modern world” (Insights Into a Modern World). In the scandalous text described how dying of AIDS girl Elizabeth, of which years 11 and 12, asks 18— year-old wood to master it before she dies. The young man agrees, followed by a description of the sex scenes.

Wood now argues that the whole story is pure fiction, “reflections of the writer in the context of contemporary realities”.

BuzzFeed conducted a study and found that no record of the girl, Elizabeth, who died in Lancashire in the period when wood was a boy, no. However, the story featured a braided bracelet, “bracelet”, and this accessory is real: wood appeared with him at events that confirm the photo.

Wood also said that the inspiration for it was the sensational story of an Englishman mathematics teacher Jeremy Forrest, who fled to France with his 15— year-old student. Sexual abuse of minors Forrest was in jail in 2013 in the same year, when wood published his creation.

Wood noticed that the media interest in this story testifies to the hostile campaign against him. According to him, reporters are not related to the sector in which he works, and found the text long ago removed from the network feed is not good intentions.

Gavin asked forgiveness from all who were upset by this story, noting that he did not want to upset anyone. He added that it had removed the story as soon as I realized that he misunderstood.

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