Co-founder of SpaceX: Digital money may become the currency of space colonies


Co-founder of SpaceX: Digital money may become the currency of space colonies

Engineer— technologist, entrepreneur, co-founder of companies SpaceX and Vector Launch Jim Cantrell in the podcast Crypto Show talked about aerospace developments, cooperation with Elon Musk and the attitude of the cryptocurrency (and that brings them closer to the space industry).

According to Cantrell, is now rapidly growing economic area, where the driving force is the entrepreneurs, not the government. Sam Cantrell first came into contact with cryptocurrency thanks to his son Colin, who created the Earth Nexus, quantum— stable blockchain with the native cryptocurrency Nexus.

Jim says that he and his team members in the company Vector consider Nexus as part of a future “space Commerce”:

We consider motion in the direction of “space Commerce” and cryptocurrency as a synchronous, considering how these phenomena interact with the global economy and overcome the dominance of government agencies in the field of space and money. […] Our goal is to destroy the barriers to mass Commerce in outer space.

Vector is working to create a Galactic Sky — band satellites, which will allow users to explore the space, creating applications based on the network of these miniature devices. Cantrell says:

The blockchain serves as an excellent tool to tokenservice network. The idea is that the owner of tokens — let’s call them tokens Galactic Sky or Nexus, whatever — will be able to monitor what users are doing on the network. This makes it easier to control network access.

Vector is included in the SpaceChain Alliance, whose mission is to promote blockchain technology to the assets associated with the space. Jim recognizes that while it is “avant-garde idea” and not everyone is able to appreciate it. According to him, he himself in the past skeptical evaluated the projects Elon musk why “premature” left SpaceX. Jim recalls:

Sometimes it is difficult to give an adequate assessment… I left SpaceX, having worked with them for a year. Now the company is worth $25 billion to be honest, I didn’t expect such a success.

Illustrating the idea about the unique benefits of cryptocurrencies and their ability to act independently from governments, Cantrell refers to the military— industrial complex. According to him, the latter won the war, but he couldn’t be an effective steward of public funds. This led to bloated budgets and a waste of vast sums. Cantrell says:

We can dispose of the capital is ten times more effective government. Exactly the same act of SpaceX. Remaining a private company, they have over $1 billion. they have done what no one has managed to achieve NASA with a budget of $50 billion. I see that in the cryptocurrency sphere is largely the same. Cryptocurrency was motivated by fatigue from governments controlling the transmission of values.

Cantrell believes that kriptonyte viable and that bitcoin will not disappear:

The price has reached the level of $19 000 and then, for nearly six months, remained in the range of $5900-6900. Is a self-contained phenomenon. Government involvement here is unnecessary. The same applies to space flight. Who knows, maybe digital money will be the currency of space colonies.

While cryptocurrencies can change the configuration of financial networks and value stream, CubeSats on the blockchain Nexus will help to bypass censorship on the Internet. The above-mentioned satellites from the Vector filled with microelectronics, will contribute to the transition to the next stage of evolution, without centralized control and censorship. Cantrell predicts:

A day is coming when the people trying to contain the spread of knowledge and opinions, will face enormous resistance in the form of advanced technologies… the Network ceases to be centralized — this is similar to cryptocurrency. I’m talking about the network of Galactic Sky and some other technologies. They are absolutely free from government control. There is one interesting thing related to space: under the “outer space Treaty”, the national sovereignty is limited by the strap 100 kilometers. That is, the space does not belong to any power, as the world’s oceans. So there will come a day of final deliverance from tyranny. I think that humanity came to this in its history. Today, we need relief more than ever.

Commenting on the recent scandal with Elon Musk, which the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA was forced to resign as head of Tesla, Cantrell noticed that the culprit “overreliance on Twitter and a chronic lack of sleep”.

Cantrell met with Musk in 2001, when he became its consultant. He says:

Elon Musk — who is anything but Machiavellian. He’s just better. He is a visionary and a futurist. He is passionate about his ideas as anyone I have met ever meeting.

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