Coinbase adds support for token 0x


In accordance with the announcement published on October 11, Coinbase has added support for token 0x (ZRX). According to a statement by Coinbase, the company launched support for the ZRX on the professional platform Coinbase Pro and that the trade will only be allowed after it will have sufficient liquidity.

At the initial stage of trade ZRX is available in most jurisdictions except new York. The launch will take place in four independent phase for each new trading pairs: ZRX/USD, ZRX/EUR and ZRX/BTC while the exchange notes that, currently, is not going to offer a trade for a pair of ZRX/GBP. As said Coinbase in a blog post, in the first stage “only translations” customers will be able to pass ZRX in your account Coinbase Pro without the ability to place orders.

In July, Coinbase announced its intention to add to your shopping list are five new assets – ADA,. BAT,. XLM, ZEC and ZRX. Trading platform pointed out that the listing process can make some coins available for the customers only for sale and purchase, without the possibility of sending or receiving them in a local wallet.

“After evaluating such factors as liquidity, stability of prices and other market indicators, we can add the token ERC-20 platform Coinbase,” said company representatives.

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