Coinbase is planning its own ETFs and expects to attract to the draft BlackRock


Coinbase is planning its own ETFs and expects to attract to the draft BlackRock

Ranks applicants permission to launch cryptocurrency ETF can fill the largest American crypto currency exchange Coinbase, which is also trying to be interested in this project investment giant BlackRock.

According to us media reports, the crypto currency exchange is considering launching an ETF with reference not to the bitcoin, as a basket of several currencies.

Moreover, sources report that Coinbase representatives have already held talks with investment giant BlackRock. The latter has significant experience in the creation and use of an instrument such as ETF and at least would be very useful in this project as technological partner.

Interestingly, the appearance of this news coincided with personnel changes in the composition of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). A new member of the Commission, Led Roizman is considered to be much more loyal to cryptocurrency than left the Commission in July, Michael Brewer.

However, while all this is more like guesswork, since the position of the SEC in respect of the cryptocurrency and kryptoperidinium not changed, and could not still have time to change.

Recall that in late August (SEC) refused to register the six bitcoin ETF (five applications from Direxion, one from GraniteShares) and two ETFs tied to the bitcoin-futures (both from ProShares).

Then many took it as another defeat cryptocurrency in the confrontation with the regulators.

However, shortly thereafter, Hester pierce, Secretary, SEC, sharply responded about the decision of the Commission to reject an application for opening a bitcoin ETF, the Winklevoss brothers, said that the Commission will reconsider its decision.

Even earlier, on 7 August, the SEC decided to extend the consideration of the application to launch exchange traded Fund VanEck/SolidX for 45 days, until September 30.

The decision was entirely expected and predictable — as reported by the Hash#Telegraph earlier, the SEC has every reason to delay the decision-making process on the most discussed market the application until the spring, and that probably uses this chance.

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