Coinbase on the way to the creation of the Agency for scriptrepository


Coinbase on the way to the creation of the Agency for scriptrepository

The acquisition enables the firm to offer so-called security tokens, and to place enterprises under Federal control. Conbase is mainly regulated by the flap state agencies.

This step gives Coinbase a license to operate as a broker dealer, alternative trading system and a registered investment adviser, is spoken in the message of the company in San Francisco in June. Alternative trading systems operate outside the traditional public stock exchanges.

Using these licenses Coinbase will soon begin to list the hundreds of token-ICO and other cryptomnesia.

Coinbase is on the way to becoming cryptorhopalum Agency. They already transmit information of the account holder to the IRS .

Coinbase belongs to the DCG, the investment division of the Federal reserve. Is the Federal reserve .


1. Allowing Circle / Poloniex to create a coin USDC, which is in fact FedCoin, they allow a private company instead of the Federal reserve to control this new currency.
2. Providing Coinbase to allow decentralized cryptomnesia listed on Coinbase, decentralized cryptomnesia have to go through regulatory hoops, which in essence make Coinbase the regulating Agency for the government.

In the end

USDC is the first stable fixed point for success in the market, which is supported by a major financial institution. In the coming days you will see that other fiat currencies are following this example. As soon as Coinbase receives approval and begins to list the other cryptomeria, watch them turn into a government regulatory Agency.

The future of the single global digital currency is inevitable.

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