Coinbase study: 42% of the world’s Universities offer training in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain


Coinbase study: 42% of the world’s Universities offer training in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain

Experts at the American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has teamed up with Qriously research center to determine the level of involvement of students in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It turned out that the students ‘ interest of cryptocotyle growing, and leading educational institutions that offer courses where you can get education in this area.
The company Coinbase and Qriously has gathered information about courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain, which are studied in fifty international Universities. Also surveyed 675 American students and interviews with teachers of higher educational institutions. The study revealed that courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain are popular among students. 9% of respondents have already passed such training programs, and 26% intend to do so in the near future. In addition, 18% of respondents own a smartphone.

(a list of universities and their rating)

One of the study participants was David Ermak, a Professor at the business school stern University in new York. He said that for the first time conducted courses on the blockchain in 2014, at that time got interested in this program to 35 students. But this year the situation has changed: Professor Ermak even changed the venue of the training course, as the audience grew to 230 students. The Professor explains the increased interest in blockchain technology from students the increased demand for such professionals in large companies. These are the most enterprising: students willing to obtain additional education in the field of blockchain, to improve the chances of successful employment.

A study conducted by Coinbase, showed that many universities are beginning to consider the blockchain as the direction that is worth exploring. Based on this information, the experts of cryptocracy can confidently say that cryptocurrencies already have a strong influence on our lives, and their tendency to growth and wider dissemination will continue in the coming years.

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