Coincheck continues to incur losses after the January burglary


Japanese exchange Coincheck scriptaction reported in the third quarter of the ongoing damages caused by large-scale hacker attack in January. Then the attackers were able to steal from the accounts of the user of the tool to record amount of more than $530 million. Despite this, the company is Monex, which has acquired a stock exchange in April, plans to develop the site.

According to the financial report of the Japanese company Monex Group, managing exchange Coincheck scriptaction revenue Coincheck for the period from July to September totaled $2.8 million, which was 66% lower than the second quarter ($8.4 million).

The exchange loss increased from $2.3 million in the second quarter to $5.25 million in the third. Cause loss called hacking attack on the stock exchange, advanced in January.

“After suspension of work in January 2018, Coincheck allowed to sell the cryptocurrency only to existing users,” the report notes.

Overall, the total losses of the exchange from January amounted to $7.5 million.

The report also said that the exchange was 1.7 million users, and Monex is focused on the development of “more complex and secure internal control” over the work of the stock exchange for obtaining a state license.

As reported BitNovosti, in January, the exchange was attacked by hackers, causing the criminals stole from the accounts of customers of more than $530 million. Theft was a record loss in the history of kryptomere since the collapse of Mt. Gox.

In April, the financial firm Monex announced the deal on the absorption of Coincheck. Later it became known that the revenues of the exchange for the 2017 fiscal year (in Japan, it ends in March 2018) amounted to more than $430 million, allowing in particular to compensate for a substantial part of the stolen funds. The CEO of Monex also announced plans for expansion Coincheck to the markets of Europe and the United States.

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