Coincheck renew the registration of new clients and trades a few coins


Coincheck renew the registration of new clients and trades a few coins

The recent history of Japanese cryptocracy is divided into two stages — before and after cracking Coincheck. More curious is the fact that most suffered from the hands of hackers a crypto currency exchange Japan is gradually returning to life.

Today, according to the crypto currency exchange, we are talking about registration of new clients and the resumption of trading in limited volume. The company emphasizes that, for security reasons, the same opportunities will be returned gradually. Until 30 October users was the withdrawal of funds only in the yen and the sale of previously credited to the balance of cryptocurrency.

Now add the new user registrations on the new, lengthier procedure with enhanced KYC measures, and the possibility of replenishment of the account in the cryptocurrency. You can refill the balance is in bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. All coins will also be free to buy and sell (bitcoin can be bought and previously). You can only withdraw in yen.

In the foreseeable future the company also plans to add the ability to replenish the balance to buy these coins, as ether, XRP, XEM, LSK and FCT what promises to report further.

Recall that after breaking Coincheck bought a local brokerage company Monex, initiated a number of changes. In June 2018 from the list of exchanges has disappeared assets, involving complete anonymity of transactions — Monero, Dash and zcash for. Behind them, as reported, was followed by tokens of the Augur project, which became a tender one “unlicensed gambling”.

In addition, Monex CEO Oki Matsumoto announced plans to enter Coincheck on the US market. The opening of a branch in the States again lead the stock exchange in leaders of the industry, says Matsumoto. “We can expand our customer base, he said. In the end, we must and we can return to the profit rate that was before.”

It is, of course, on the indicators to hacking in January 2018. As a result of hacking Coincheck lost assets for $530 million, was idle for two months and spent $432 million on the payment of compensation to affected users.

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