Colombia will support blockchain companies


Colombia intends to support cryptocurrency and blockchain companies in the country. This was stated by President Ivan Duque.

Duque offered to cancel the taxes for cryptocurrency companies for up to 5 years, which will allow you to attract interested businesses. The state of NK will suffer losses due to the exemption of such companies from taxes, as they will create many new jobs.

The President also noted that using the blockchain you can improve such domains of life as health, law and security. In addition, the blockchain will help to get rid of corruption in the country. With this statement have agreed not all, accusing the President of hypocrisy. A Reddit user expressed the mistrust to him.

“It’s very strange. I’m Colombian and I know that the Colombian government was very corrupt and bought by Americans. Let’s see what happens and whether he will fulfill his promises. He promised a lot of things before being elected President and while none of his words are not fulfilled”.

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