Commission Monero after activation of the Protocol Bulletproofs fell by 97%


Commission Monero after activation of the Protocol Bulletproofs fell by 97%

Update network Monero to v0.13.0.0., known as Beryllium Bullet, resulting in lower transaction fees in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by approximately 97%. During the update the developers have implemented a network Protocol Bulletproofs.

This technology was developed by Benedict, Benz and Jonathan Bootle, and its implementation allowed to increase the confidentiality of transactions and the capacity of the platform, according to the Ethereum World News. The “weight” of a transaction after the updates slowed to 3.7 KB, which is 80% less of its size in the previous version of the platform (18,5 KB).

According to the service CoinMetrics, the average Commission per operation Monero fell from $0.6 to $0,02.

At the moment, Monero is at the tenth place in the ranking of digital assets by market capitalization, its rate is slightly more than the $105.5 mark. The information about successful update of the network had a positive impact on the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency. The daily trading volume of asset increased by 1.5%.

While Monero is still in the list of digital currencies, the network which often arise various technical failures that undermine the efficiency of the platform.

The founder of litecoin Charlie Lee, encouraged by the success of the team Monero after activation of the Protocol Bulletproofs, announced the intention to increase the anonymity of transactions in the network of its project to attract new users.

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