Company Epoch investment Partners Limited has launched the first crypto IPO


Company Epoch investment Partners Limited has launched the first crypto IPO

What do you know about company Epoch investment Partners Limited? Sure it’s okay. Meanwhile, this office has become the first to offer investors to buy shares in the crypt. Yes, it launched a classic IPO, but selling the asset for the cryptocurrency.

Epoch Partners Limited registered in the Cayman Islands. The company website reports that in the business for 20 years. Running Epoch (as of 30 September 2018) is $43 billion.

IPO offers investors shares of crypto-currency Fund in the amount of $900 million Securities of the company registered in the Japanese system EDINET. This electronic system contains information about all the companies and investment funds, carrying out IPO.

Why investment company with its headquarters in the Cayman Islands registers the shares in Japan and sells them in the crypt? Because the Fund is sold with the mediation of the Japanese company Teneo Partners specializing in the provision of offshore alternative funds to Japanese investors.

“Japan is a leader in the field of crypto-currency assets, said James Skinner, a partner at Epoch Partners. They first created a legal framework to regulate cryptocurrencies, so they can be called pioneers in this market. Crypto currencies yet are too young asset class, but the interest of institutional investors such as Goldman Sachs and Nomura, talks about their huge potential”.

Received during the IPO funds will be invested in blockchain startups, cryptocurrency funds, cryptocurrency and established on the basis of investment products.

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