Company Lambda has received funding from giant mining equipment Bitmain




Company Lambda, a decentralized startup that provides unlimited data storage using the Blockchain technology, today announced that it has received investment from Bitmain Technologies Ltd. giant manufacturing ASICS for cryptocurrency mining. The aim of the funding is to support a secure infrastructure based on Blockchain technology and decentralized applications (Dapps).

Responsible for the creation of effective leading mining-equipment consumer for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies based on ASIC chips, Batman produces a large number of high-quality computing chips with multi-user server equipment and large-scale software. The company also operates cryptocurrency mining pools around the world – Antpool, BTC and ConnectBTC – like hashnest, the leading platform for cloud mining.

Investment from Bitmain is a good sign

“Bitmain has demonstrated its eagerness to expand a powerful decentralized blockchain-companies such as Lambda. This investment from the world leader of the industry is a significant acknowledgement and recognition of the longstanding commitment of Lambda in creating world-class solutions for data storage based on the blockchain” — the General Director of Lambda.

“Storage is quite an interesting development in the infrastructure of the blockchain, and the technological vision of Lambda, pragmatic roadmap and the progress made to date, are key factors for us”, — said the representative of Bitmain. “We look forward to the opportunity to work with Lambda”.

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