Course Ethereum Classic grows due to the effect of Coinbase


Magic cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase is back in action! This time the effect of spells aimed at the cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic – day course of coins increased by 35% and is currently $13.80!

The rise in prices ETC began after the publication of Twitter, where Coinbase has announced the commencement date of trading Konami on the platform:

“On August 16 from 17:00 Pacific time users of Coinbase can sell, buy and store Ethereum Classic (ETC) on the website and in the mobile app”.

The course in June Ethereum Classic fluctuated in the range of $19.80-$17. However, a few days ago ETC fell victim to the bears in the cryptocurrency market, the exchange rate fell to the lowest level in 2018 – $11! The historical maximum of cost ETC is $45.51. It is important to note that the rate of koina reached peak heights in the result of the price spikes in late February of this year, ETC has risen by 63% (from $25.92 to $42.38) may cost coins soared by 52% (from $16.15 to $24.70).

According to experts, immediately after the start of trading on Coinbase ETC course the coins will fall sharply as traders will start to actively sell the cryptocurrency. Why you should consider the purchase of an asset only after completion of dumping.

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