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Good evening, dear readers!

The last days was not news, and the market for a long time remains in a state of flat, by the way, the longest in 2018-th year. The price of bitcoin on the exchanges gradually aligned – now the difference is already about 100 points. While the cue platit, you can see other coins.

Quite interesting to buy in now .. looks like the air classic, which fell to October lows 2017. The next level of strong support is at $9.6 to $9, and, in the case of the Strait has well below – $8.3 — $8. Stochastics on the weekly time frame is in overbought zone, the RSI is at 40.

In principle, the prospect for a reversal is. Therefore, in the long-term trading (buy & hold) the purchase of a classic, and it is quite possible to consider. To insure in case of subsidence can stop under $9,3.

Waiting for Monday, maybe with the beginning of the new week the market will come some changes.


Author: Alexlucky

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