Course overview bitcoin: BTC/USD 23.10.2018


Good evening, dear friends!

Let’s start the news on the upcoming ETF: “VanEck: problem with the bitcoin ETF is permitted. Today interested in the approval by the regulator of applications for the bitcoin ETF met with representatives of the securities Commission of USA (SEC)”.

Well, stuffing a small pozitivchik. We have already many times passed, so that the market has yet to respond. The final decision of the SEC shall announce in a few days – 26 Sentyabrya. Judging by the market reaction to news on this topic in recent months, the rejection of the launch of the ETF should not provoke a strong dump of the cue ball. But its adoption is expected to affect the market is much more positive. The nearest aim in this case $6 800.

In this situation, the movement of the cue in the current boundary $6 550 — $6 300 (Keltner channel 1D) should not be taken as something out of the ordinary – the key levels are a little further away.

To yesterday’s post more nothing to add. Waiting for the 26th.


Author: Alexlucky

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