Course overview TOP 10 cryptocurrencies to USD — August 14, 2018




By 6 a.m. Tuesday the cryptocurrency market TOP 10, is in a downward trend.

Bitcoin continues to lose its positions. During the day, the asset has lost -5,76% and is below the level of 6 000$.

Altcoins are flying in tar-tar-ry, it looks like the market pulled all the random passengers and goofy hamsters, there is a merciless purge.

In the top five all assets have overcome the ten percent threshold and fall in the range of 13-18%.

In the second five only Stellar bit holds the position -7,31%, the other assets over the ten percent threshold in the range of 11-20%. If so will go and further soon, the Tether will take the first place in the group, and before you know will come in the TOP 5.

The rating of courses TOP 10 crypto currencies relative to the USD for today:

1. The Bitcoin (BTC) to us dollar (USD) today

is 985,95 5$, with a market capitalisation of 103 008 700 602$.

In the last 24 hours, the drop was -5,76%.

2. The course is Ethereum (ETH) to us dollar (USD) today

is 264,13$, when the market capitalization of 26 759 639 931$.

In the last 24 hours, the drop was -17,66%.

3. Rate Ripple (XRP) to us dollar (USD) today

is 0,259586$, with a market capitalization 10 220 516 956$.

In the last 24 hours, the drop was -13,86%.

4. The Bitcoin exchange rate Cash (BCH) to us dollar (USD) today

is 492,36$, with market capitalization 8 513 678 872$.

In the last 24 hours, the drop was -14,06%.

5. Course EOS (EOS) to us dollar (USD) today

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