Course overview TOP 10 cryptocurrencies to USD — September 23, 2018




At 6 o’clock in the Sunday market of cryptocurrency TOP 10, mainly in a downtrend.

Bitcoin yesterday making a correction to the level of 6,500 returned to his former position. At the end of the day loses a slight -0,82% and is trading at the price level of 6 700$.

Altcoins are mostly in the red zone, but there are those that continue to rise.

In the first five continues to light the Ripple dynamics +of 10.94%. Other assets in the red zone in the region of 2%.

In the second five on the rocket we have Stellar with the dynamics +of 7.88%. After it goes Cardano showing +2,89%. In the red zone remain Litecoin and Monero demonstrating indicators -0,82% and of -1.47%..

The rating of courses TOP 10 crypto currencies relative to the USD for today:

1. The Bitcoin (BTC) to us dollar (USD) today

is 6 699,52$, with a market capitalization 115 787 247 664$.

In the last 24 hours, the drop was -0,82%.

2. The course is Ethereum (ETH) to us dollar (USD) today

is 238,13$, with a market capitalization 24 320 005 926$.

In the last 24 hours, the drop was -2,08%

3. Rate Ripple (XRP) to us dollar (USD) today

is 0,572218$, with market capitalization of 22 779 482 439$.

In the last 24 hours the rate has increased by +10,94%.

4. The Bitcoin exchange rate Cash (BCH) to us dollar (USD) today

is 480,15$, with market capitalization of 8 336 936 711$.

In the last 24 hours, the drop was -1,86%.

5. Course EOS (EOS) to us dollar (USD) today

is 5,89$, with a market capitalization of 342 114 5 336$.

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