Created a prototype of the digital collective intelligence


Created a prototype of the digital collective intelligence

A team of us neuroscientists were able to create a link between the head brains of three people, allowing them to share their thoughts during the game.

In the basis of functioning of the prototype network of collective intelligence is the combination of electroencephalogram (EEG) for recording electrical pulses, indicating the activity of the brain, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), in which neurons are stimulated using magnetic fields. The researchers called the new system BrainNet, is actually a interpersonal the first non-invasive direct interface between human brains for solving problems together.

During the tests, people together played a game similar to “Tetris”. Two of them saw the screen were the “senders” and the third man received signals and decide whether to flip the shape. In the test involved 5 different groups, and 81.25% of cases their choices coincided. Scientists believe that this is a good result for the first sample of the technology and are already working on feedback mechanisms.

Although at the moment the network can transmit only one bit of information at a time, but researchers are increasing the data volume. In the future they hope to create an advanced interface that will allow you to combine the minds of many people via the Internet and allow them to work together to solve complex tasks, to share ideas and better learn the functionality of our brain.

To improve the efficiency of human activities and the automation of most processes, especially in the construction industry. At MIT have created a robot, the weave fiberglass construction, as silkworms.

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