Created driven liquid metal


Created driven liquid metal

A group of scientists from the Universities of Sussex and Swansea created a way to control liquid metal, with which you can move and change shape, forming a complex three-dimensional objects. In the future it can be used in robotics and digital devices.

The team presented an experiment, which may be the first step towards creating a prototype self-healing robot from the movie Terminator 2. The bottom line is that using electrical charges, scientists have learned to control the shape and movement of liquid metal. Although it is only vaguely reminiscent of the villain of the film, but the researchers believe the discovery is very promising and they say that in the future a new kind of material can be programmed to change shape.

The possibility of controlling not only allows to control the metal in space, but also to change its properties, phases, surface tension, and also to use as a guide. While manipulation can be performed at room temperature.

According to scientists, the programmable materials have great potential for application in the field of computer graphics, intelligent electronics, the creation of flexible robotics and digital devices. In the long term by using such materials you will through the digital control to shape and control objects that enhance their functionality.

Scientists are increasingly using a liquid substance for unique inventions. Mechanical engineers from the University of Pennsylvania have created a self-healing filter impermeable to bacteria and gases.

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