Created Protocol Proof-of-Location


Created Protocol Proof-of-Location

The developers of the project Platin created a new Protocol Proof-of-Location, or PoL. The main feature of this algorithm is that it allows you to see what in the world are digital assets.
Most don’t want to mess with the crypt because it is intangible. Where is this crypt? Go figure. But the new Protocol will allow you to see deposits of digital assets.

Protocol PoL is implemented in a blockchain project Platin. In the whitepaper stated that this is the first project that uses the algorithm. PoL provides users with location-based markers, which can determine the location of nodes that store the crypt.

Platin will work as a service that allows you to conduct transactions with the assets different blockchains – Ethereum, EOS and others. This platform will use the report of the proof with zero disclosure, to determine the location of digital assets. Yes, they are stored on some servers and the location of these servers now can be seen.

The developers Platin (this Ukrainian-Israeli project) believe that if people are able to see the location of their digital assets, will increase the number of users.

Platinum will use its own token PTNX to reward users for making transactions and interactions with other ecosystem participants. PTNX can be exchanged for any digital asset.

28 Oct 2018 started the ICO project Platin. Total volume of issue amounts to a billion PTNX. In one broadcast you can buy a thousand tokens of the new platform.

Vladimir Pakaluk

After graduating in 1996, of the history faculty of the Sumy pedagogical Institute worked at the school, then as a watchman in a Park, then a journalist of the newspaper “Dankor”. In 2004, Timur Dorofeev called me a freelancer at FHM, and after six months I was employed, however, another magazine, the upcoming launch of the Ukrainian Men’s Health.
If we Dorofeyev were a couple, then he would agate the wedding 14 years together.

From Men’s Health I was lured in Maxim magazine, where shortly before my arrival Dorofeev worked as the chief editor. Then Timur was invited to lead a Time Out Kiev — and guess who freelancer in this magazine? Right, I am. When I imagined a personal journalistic drimtim, of course saw him as the great and mighty Dorofeeva. We were finally to meet and work in a team, not as an editor and freelancer, but as a real editorial. This happened in 2013: we did the weekly glossy Supplement to the newspaper “Capital” – a Capital Time. After a year of “Capital”, closed, but different projects we were doing for long. In the summer of 2017 Timur with the words “this is destiny” have asked me to edit a news feed for H#T.

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