Created self-healing ion gel


Created self-healing ion gel

Scientists from Tokyo and Yokohama jointly developed ion gel with high strength, which is able to restore its structure at room temperature without any external influence. This new class of material has a huge potential to create flexible electronic devices.

Ion gels now attract more attention of researchers due to their unique properties such as low rate of evaporation in normal conditions, high temperature resistance and good ionic conductivity. However, scientists decided to add to this list the self-healing. They created the ion gel consisting of a liquid double salts and copolymer based on hydrogen bonding.

The introduction of hydrogen significantly increase the strength of the material and achieve complete regeneration of the damaged structure in 3 hours, without any environmental changes, such as light or temperature. The reversibility of the hydrogen bonds opens up a wide range of opportunities for improving the electrochemical properties.

Image: photo and scheme of reconstruction of the ion gel

Further, such gels can be widely used in electrical engineering flexible, making it durable and preventing from deformation. In addition, double the copolymer is capable of absorbing moisture from the air. Therefore, the researchers plan to study the prospects of using it in open atmosphere for a long time and possible combination with other ionic liquids.

Another unique gel was developed by Swedish startup Cellink, which using three-dimensional printing can turn all human tissues and cells.

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