Credit card NetCents crypto for daily use


Credit card NetCents crypto will be accepted 40 million outlets around the world to compete directly with Visa and Mastercard. The company will also integrate its loyalty program into the cryptographic use of credit cards to encourage users to spend digital currencies.


Netcents Technology company payment processing in Canada, has introduced its new service on credit cards in the digital currency, which will begin operating in the domestic market by the fourth quarter of 2018, and the European markets will be released by the beginning of 2019. This service has been launched to make life easier for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and spend your digital money.

NetCents uses technology Instant Settlement to instantly convert crypto currencies into the national. Cardholders will benefit from the tools in real time for purchases and trade payables. Map NetCents does not require pre-loading digital media. At any time, cardholders can spend three types of digital currencies supported NetCents.

NetCents customers can also link their cryptocurrency credit cards directly with their wallets for the smooth disbursement of its assets in electronic wallets. Users can also connect the card to a mobile app NetCents. Crypto credit card will come with a pin, chip, magnetic stripe and NFC.


Because NetCents completes its three-year corporate exclusive license agreement with the Post Socrates Ventures (PSV), the company announced that integrates Bitcoin Cash in their ecosystem NetCents. The first phase of the integration of the BCH will be held at the exchange Netcents. The second phase will include the addition of BCH to NetCents Merchant Gateway.

Post Socrates Ventures (PSV) specializiruetsya on payment processing, tourism, blockchain and telecommunications services also has experience developing applications POS terminals, system administration of payment systems, infrastructure design, end-to-end encryption.
In partnership with PSV NetCents will integrate its platform for payment processing with their dealers and partners in 28 countries in the Caribbean. PSV stated that there is a high demand for BCH among retail sellers of Cryptocoryne and luxury hotel industry in the Caribbean. Carlos Mendez, Director of communications in the Post Socratic Ventures, said:

We look forward to integrating our distributors and partners in the NetCents platform and chose it for its processing of payments in real time (Instant Settlements), which eliminates the risk of volatility for our traders. We believe that NetCents is the ideal partner to meet the needs of our partners thanks to its breakthrough platform, to enable Bitcoin Cash.

A number of the giants of the financial industry are doing a lot to promote the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Earlier, the representative of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) NYSE announced the launch of the platform Bakkt regulated ecosystem of digital assets, to facilitate use of digital currencies in the daily expenses. Bakkt launched in collaboration with Microsoft and the retail giant Starbucks.

Whether a demand is NetCents? Will involve the use of digital currencies? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Author: Ekaterina Medvedeva, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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