Crimes of the future


Crimes of the future

The Internet of things, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, energy and many other technologies are rapidly evolving. Now they’re starting to change our reality, and by 2040 the defining part of it. However, with the improvement of life quality, new opportunities for crime, which now may seem fantastic. In the article we have considered the potential offences with which to fight the law enforcement agencies of the future.

AI, robotics and virtual reality

The development of “substitute person” already raises many ethical questions. In the future in every sphere of life will be integrated similar technology that will increase their impact on people. Currently high-tech Japanese robots and virtual images become part of existence, and sometimes even change the local people the real interlocutors, friends, and loved ones. Possible crimes in these areas:

Programming of another commercial or an unmanned flying machine, robot or automated attendant on the murder, theft, distribution of malware, causing significant harm to people, other vehicles or the infrastructure.
The development of immoral AI for hacks and cyber-attacks on behalf of the Creator.
The hacking of AR/VR glasses or contact lenses for the purpose of espionage or manipulation of the viewing person information.
Theft robot assistant belonging to a disabled or elderly person.
Hacking a sex robot and reprogramming the murder of the owner or injury to his health.
The violation or murder AI a recognized legal entity.
Having sex with a robot or virtual avatar resembles a real person without his approval.
The marriage between AI and human.
The destruction of Autonomous industrial robots protesters or fired employees.

Digital technology and cyberspace

In the next five years you plan to connect 100% of the inhabitants of the planet to the Internet. It will unite the entire population, opening a new era of cybercrime, especially in developing countries. Scientists are actively working to strengthen quantum computers and combining them into a single network. Now began the development of technologies of collective intelligence, the fusion of machine and mind, attempts to create AI and bots is based on a real person. Perhaps in the future the criminals to resort to such manipulations:

Abduction, destruction transferred to the cyberspace of the mind or human consciousness.
The use of quantum computers to crack an encrypted system without permission.
The use of devices to read thoughts, to conceal thoughts of the victim, replacing them on false.
Hacking IOT devices in homes or implants for the purpose of espionage, gaining access to personal data.
The sale and consumption of restricted or prohibited digital drugs, which will appear in the future.

Genetic engineering, health, manufacturing

Gradually medicine and science reveal more mysteries of the organism, biology and interactions at the atomic level. Scientists can clone most of the tissues, and entire living organisms, are approaching the renewal time of life, cellular regeneration, modification of the genome. However, there are lots of threats of misuse of these technologies and applying them to modifications of viruses, people, drugs. By 2040, the crime can be:

Unauthorized human cloning for further reproduction or collection agencies.
Using the sample of human DNA to create an artificial deadly virus that only kills a certain person or race.
Hacking apps for health monitoring, in order to make people think that they are sick, forcing to take a specific medication.
Theft of biometric data from medical systems for personal gain, transfer to the interested party.
Hacking into the Central system of the hospital for the purpose of manipulating patients and forcing staff to give medicines or do operations that may threaten life and health.
Using the sample of human DNA for cloning stem cells, which can then be created by the identical blood, skin, semen, hair and other body parts, with the aim of adding them to the crime scene and the introduction of misleading the investigation. Once this technology becomes common, the evidence on the basis of DNA will become increasingly useless in court.
The reorganization of the genetic structure of the person, to obtain superhuman abilities without the need for additional stimulants.
Change the child’s DNA to give them new opportunities without government permission.
Discrimination on genetic grounds.
Cloning of cattle without a state license.
Hacking systems, automated farms, with the aim of causing damage.
The introduction of genetically modified disease in the meat grown on the farm for its artificial production.
The use of drugs that significantly improve intellectual abilities for the rejection of traditional forms of learning.
The pilot sports that require mandatory genetic modification or the use of enhancing drugs.

Urbanization, energy, transport, environment

We are gradually transitioning to renewable energy sources, the influence of urbanization and the population dependent on the smooth functioning of urban infrastructure. Automakers and airlines are ready to begin production of unmanned vehicles on the market. Crimes in this field can look something like this:

Hacking various systems of urban infrastructure for outages or faults (according to some such attacks are already starting to happen).
The construction of a personal nuclear or fusion reactor without government permission.
The use of genetic engineering to create a virus that kills certain types of animals, insects and fish without the approval of the international community.
Using city surveillance to monitor the victim.
The hacking of automated construction machinery and 3D printers, with the purpose of their programming to the construction of the building with the flaws or additions that later can be used for easier penetration or complete destruction.
The use of genetic engineering to create new species of animals or insects without the approval of the international community.
Unauthorized use of the technology of geoengineering to change the environment or climate of the Earth.
Theft of wireless electricity (similar to the neighbor’s Wi-Fi).
Remote hacking of unmanned vehicle for its theft, damage or kill passengers.
The capture of the fleet of Autonomous vehicles to create traffic jams.
Hacking the truck to steal cargo.

This is only part of the potentially possible crimes that can occur in the coming decades. Like it or not, but we live in extraordinary time, where a was believed to be a fantastic idea materialists and become part of our everyday life.

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