Criminals laundered through Shapeshift crypto currency exchange of $9 million – study


Criminals laundered through Shapeshift crypto currency exchange of $9 million – study

In volumetric investigation of the laundering of proceeds of crime with cryptocurrency special attention is paid to was the Swiss crypto currency exchange Shapeshift. Through it was even laundered money taken away from users who fell for her website clone.

Like deciding to add already not very stable market nervousness, the Wall Street Journal published extensive material on the problem of money laundering through crypto currency exchange.

Citing data obtained and processed with the help of experts on cyber security, and law enforcement sources, the authors claim that they were able to identify signs of money laundering in excess of 89 million through 46 kryptomere for two years.

Shapeshift is called the biggest volume of laundered money in a crypto currency exchange that is present in the U.S. market is $8.8 billion, leads the list of the Binance with $22.85 million

Honorary second place at Bitfinex — $9,19 million, the fourth, after the Shapeshift, VTS-e ($7,84 million), and the top five other present in America stock exchange — Bittrex ($6,28 million). Interestingly, in the list of the top 10 exchanges used for money laundering, was a place positioning itself one of the most regulated and law-abiding kryptomere Gemini (laundered $4,81 million)

According to the authors, a platform Shapeshift was used by hackers, presumably from North Korea behind the virus WannaCry and konvertirovanie on the exchange received bitcoins into Monero. Their example was followed by a pair of odious organizers CryptoStream, evaporated along with the money of investors and extortionists treated their victims money for non-disclosure of information of private character.

According to sources, Europol also investigating several cases in which criminals used Shapeshift to launder money. Well, the most curious case — attackers, zamanilovka gullible investors to a fake website Shapeshift, also laundered the stolen funds here.

One of the most notorious frauds mentioned in the research — pyramid BTC Global investors which missed $80 million, is also not without of money laundering during Shapeshift, however, the proportion of laundered funds was not specified. Without details it is noted that the part of investors Centra could go through the same crypto currency exchange.

As reported previously, Hash#Telegraph, Shapeshift has already announced that the days of anonymity are gone, and what users will have to verify their accounts. Eric Voorhes, founder and CEO of the company and a staunch libertarian, has described the measure as a necessary step, and “sucks”.

However, legal Director of the company, quoted by the WSJ, said that one should distinguish between “the company’s position and personal philosophy of it SEO”. Shapeshift starts the procedure of registration of accounts on 1 October and plans to track and report transactions that are suspicious in terms of possible money laundering, said the representative of the exchange.

However after the release of the material itself, Voorhees called the data given in the investigation, is biased and incomplete. “$9 million is less than 0.2% of our turnover for the period. In the world through banks washed 2-5% of their turnover,” he said, promising to respond to allegations in a separate article.

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