Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase hires new employees


A former employee of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Tim Wagner will lead a team of engineers cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase, which works on creating an open global financial system.

Wagner is Vice President of the company and will lead the engineering Department Coinbase, and also to search for talented professionals in San Francisco, new York and Chicago.

Previously, Tim for more than five years working as a General Manager within Amazon Web Services that provides cloud services for data storage. Prior to that, Wagner served as Director of development in Microsoft Visual Studio.

In addition to Wagner, the state of the us exchange Coinbase recently joined economist Jeff Horowitz, took the post of Director of the division of regulation and control, and Rachel Horowitz, who previously worked as an expert on communications on Twitter and Facebook, became Vice-President of the Coinbase public relations.

The company is actively developing its business. Last week, Coinbase has begun the process of integration 49 of cryptocurrency in the service for the storage of digital assets Coinbase Custody. If successful, customers will have access to a secure cryptocurrency wallet, which can store Ripple (XRP), EOS, Monero (XMR), VeChain (VEN), Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Telegram, as well as several other tokens!

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