Cryptocurrency investor has filed a lawsuit against AT&T after losing $24 million


Cryptocurrency investor has filed a lawsuit against AT&T after losing $24 million

Cryptocurrency investor Michael Turpin filed a lawsuit against Telecom giant AT&T alleging that the company failed to protect his cell phone from a hacker attack, which ultimately cost him $ 24 million.

In a lawsuit filed by judicial company Greenberg Glusker of Los Angeles August 15, Turpin claimed that employees of AT&T was involved in fraud via SIM card. So, the criminals pretend to be the owners of the mobile phones of their victims, urging Telecom providers to give them access to their phones.

This allows them to access accounts of the victim in various services, including wallets with cryptocurrencies.

The lawsuit alleges that the account Turpin was hacked twice in seven months: “the Most disturbing, AT&T has not improved the defense, but of the many incidents it is known that some of its employees are actively cooperating with hackers in fraud with SIM cards, providing direct access to information about customers and by overriding security procedures”.

According to the statement, Turpin wishes to receive compensation in the amount of 23.8 million dollars and 200 million dollars as penalties.

AT&T is not the first time suspected in fraud

The lawsuit also alleges that security problems are nothing new for AT&T, which has repeatedly accused of failing to protect its customers.

“In the recent incidents to law enforcement authorities even confirmed that staff AT&T profit from direct work with cyberterrorists and thieves in the fraudulent use of SIM cards,” said the plaintiff.

Turpin also said that “mass adoption of cryptocurrencies may not be the case if employees of the telephone company to transmit critical unauthorized access to the heart of the digital life of every person”.

All this CEO of AT&T corporate communications Jim Greer denied, stating that “we dispute these allegations and look forward to presenting our case in court”. He declined to specify the company’s objections to these charges.

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