Cryptocurrency market responded with a decline on the decision of Goldman Sachs


After recent media reports that investment Bank Goldman Sachs does not intend in the near future to create a structure specialized in cryptocurrency trading, due to regulatory uncertainty in this area, and generally lower the value of this industry in his list of priorities, the cryptocurrency market has responded with significant price reductions.

According to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin fell from $7382 by 12.45% and is now trading at a price of $6452 per unit. Together with him a similar reduction was observed for XRP (-13,30% to $0,286599) and Stellar (-12,94% to $0,199605).

In the leading ten cryptocurrency marked a sharp decline of almost 20%, prices fell for Ethereum (up to $226), Bitcoin Cash (up to $502) and Cardano (up to $0,084204), the price of the EOS was changed to 22% (up to $5,05), Litecoin and Monero – 18% (to $55.58 to $112, respectively).

In the green zone were only three crypto currencies, the price of which ranged from less than 1%: Bitcoin Diamond rose 0.73 per cent (to $2.52), TrueUSD – 0.41% (up to $1,01) and Tether – 0.33% (up to $1).

Recall that Goldman Sachs has recently considered the question of starting custodially services for cryptocurrency funds, and previously had plans to launch trading of bitcoin futures, and hired the first head of markets of digital assets division of securities. However, in winter Goldman Sachs brought cryptocurrency to the business risks, and its Director of global investment research Steve Strongin (Steve Strongin) stated that most of the cryptocurrencies are unlikely to survive in its current form, investors should prepare for the fact that their value will fall to zero.

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