Cryptocurrency news today 10 September


Cryptocurrency news today 10 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

At the beginning of a new week in the cryptocurrency market continues to decline. Although the loss of most cryptocurrencies insignificant at the moment, all of the top ten Coinmarketcap is trading in the red zone. Stronger than all fell cryptocurrency Cardano (-7%), 5% lost XRP, -4,5% in air. 1.5% decrease in bitcoin, the best-kept Monero (-0,5%).

The founder of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and Ethereum Vitalik Buterin convinced that time thousandfold UPS cryptocurrency has passed. According to Buterin, in the early formative years of the stock market this impressive growth could be achieved through effective marketing and novelty of the product. When millions of people learned about an interesting project and were willing to invest in it at least a few dollars, the bitcoin could grow thousands and tens of thousands of times in a short period of time (so, in particular, happened to live). Now every average man in the street has ever heard about bitcoin and those who were ready to invest in the cryptocurrency, have for the most part made an investment. Now it is necessary to interest those who already know about the blockchain, but have not yet decided on investment, says Buterin. It does not provide a market multiple of growth, but will allow the industry to develop further.

The total number of users of the cryptocurrency at the moment has 40 million. According to the head of Coinbase Brian Armstrong, in the next 5 years that amount will increase to a billion. This happens due to the increase of the crypto services and the interest of companies to blockchain technology. Many traditional businesses will want to set your token and plans to support Armstrong’s handling of such tokens through the services of Coinbase.

Yai’s Fanusa from the Foundation for defense of democracies I am sure that cryptocurrencies are ineffective as a means to Finance terrorism. Its findings to this effect, the expert said during a speech in the U.S. Congress, adding that, according to available data, to date, terrorist organizations prefer to operate in cash as simply do not understand the mechanism of action of cryptocurrency. At least the terrorists are often not required to handle large sums of cryptocurrency technical support. If the results of the study, Fanucci correct, one of the main arguments of the opponents of cryptocurrencies can be considered refuted, and the reputation of digital assets partly whitewash even in the eyes of skeptics.

The developers of litecoin introduced a new version 0.16.2 ON Litecoin Core. In the new version the option to denote the “block size-blockmaxsize” is replaced by “-blockmaxweight”. The new client is available for macOS, Windows and Linux. Purses latest version, as well as other created when you update, 0.16, incompatible with older versions.

At the end of last week the number of open channels Lightning Network bitcoin has reached 12 thousand. Daily Lightning Network is transmitted on average more than 100 BTC. And on Sunday it was reported that the size of the block of bitcoin reached a record high of 2.25 MB.

Lightyear the company intends to use the blockchain Stellar host solutions recently acquired the startup Chain. The head of the Chain’s Adam Ludwin mentioned a project Interstellar, which will allow companies to issue digital assets to public networks and to carry out other operations on it. But the first realized project of the company will be marketplace to trade cryptocurrencies StellarX.

Manufacturer of equipment for mining from Israel Spondoolies Tech has introduced a new asik for mining cryptocurrency DASH. Miner SPx36 has a capacity of 540 GH/s and will cost $15 500.

The hacker managed 24 times in a row “hit the jackpot” due to vulnerabilities in the application DEOSBet working on the blockchain EOS. Malicious contract, which was attacked DEOSBet has already been discovered, but it is not clear with regard to this vulnerability only DEOSBet, or other decentralized applications EOS are also under attack.

Us banking giant Citigroup has developed a new tool for trading cryptocurrencies. Formally – it notes for digital assets that allow it is legal to trade with cryptocurrency. Similarly, American brokers give the opportunity to trade baskets of securities that are not represented on the stock exchanges of the United States.

The American company Post Oak Motor Cars became the first official distributor of cars of elite class that accepts bitcoins. Now purchase the “Bentley” or “rolls-Royce” can be paid with the cryptocurrency. As noted by CEO Tilman Fertitta, he was impressed by the growing popularity of bitcoin and decided it was time to recognize the currency as full payment.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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