Cryptocurrency news today 15 September


Cryptocurrency news today 15 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column “news cryptocurrency for today.” Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Saturday, the cryptocurrency market is growing again. All of the top ten Coinmarketcap is trading in plus, more added air and litecoin (+8,5%). 6.5% increase in the cryptocurrency Monero, 5% – Cardano, 4,5% added EOS. Other top cryptocurrency has grown in the range of 1-2%.

Despite the reversal of the stock market up this week, not all experts believe that the “bottom” has already passed. Founder ElliotWaveTrader Evie, Gilbert believes that this bottom bitcoin reaches only down to $4700 (this should happen by the end of 2018). Until then, the course is the first cryptocurrency to have some time to in the range of $5000-$6000. Gilbert, does not rule out that bitcoin will fall even lower, and will reach $3000 – however, this scenario is unlikely because some of the investors will fuel interest in first bitcoin.

Well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper suggested that after 15 years, the capitalization of the stock market will reach 80 trillion dollars. Draper drew Parallels between the period of development of the stock market and the era of the birth of the first Internet technologies. As cryptocurrencies, the Internet industry has developed in spurts, periodically there were local declines, but subsequent growth compensated for the loss and brought IT to a new level. The current downturn in the stock market is an example of how it takes time for people to accept new opportunities.

Yesterday Forbs published an interview with the head of Eric Voorhis ShapeShift, which he gave to Lawrence Wintermeyer at the conference Money2020. Voorhees, answered questions regarding the movement of bitcoins in the near future, as well as promote and regulate the cryptocurrency. According to the founder of ShapeShift, the market is close to the “bottom” in may of this year, but before the recovery can take longer. Voorhees, also believes that to promote bitcoin want more intuitive services that will not scare away users. Voorhees noted, that regulators should not put pressure on the cryptocurrency of the company, instead, to introduce user-friendly regulations (as in the U.S. state of Wyoming), and allow users to retain the freedom and privacy until it’s not hurting anyone.

The Chairman of the U.S. Commission on commodity futures trading Christopher Giancarlo expressed the opinion that regulators need to help cryptocurrencies to develop, and not to put obstacles in their way. Like Draper, Giancarlo paralleled the development of the stock market and the IT industry: in his view, the Internet technology developed so rapidly due to the fact that the intervention of regulators in this process was minimal. However, this does not mean you have to close your eyes to fraud and illegal actions against the users here, according to Giancarlo, you need to immediately give a “strong response.”

Lead developer ON the ecosystem of the ether Vlad Zamfir said that the technology of sharding is already at the prototype stage. Test solution presented at the hackathon Berlin ETH. However, Zamfir noted that while it is ready only the basic elements for the implementation of solutions in Ethereum, to the release of the full custom version of so far away.

Today also it became known that the Ethereum team took the decision to postpone hard forks Constantinople. Constantinople will be held in early October, but only on a test network of broadcast, the start date in the core network remains unknown. Test network Ropsten according to its characteristics close to the main network, but due to her unstable condition is not yet known the exact number of the block, which will be held hardwork.

And Tezos Monday officially ends the beta period of the new Protocol. But in fact, the working Protocol was launched in June of this year, so the event is formal. According to CoinDesk, since the launch of the Protocol in the network, only one had a failure. Last week, the cryptocurrency Tezos became one of the leaders of growth, adding about 40%.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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