Cryptocurrency news today 17 Sep


Cryptocurrency news today 17 Sep

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

The beginning of the week was the stock market is fairly quiet, all the top ten cryptocurrencies Coinmarketcap show neutral dynamics. The most significant losses of litecoin (-1.5%), the more of all grown up Stellar (+1%). All other coins including bitcoin and ether, the last day traded near zero.

Renowned economist Jeffrey Tucker called cryptologist calmly accept the fact that cryptocurrency is highly volatile asset, and drop by 80-90% is the norm. Tucker invested in bitcoin, even when he was worth $ 14, and continued to hold it even after the jump to $20,000 and subsequent rollback. The investor says: “Forget about the price. We are talking about long term investing”.

Many bitcoin skeptics have criticized bitcoin in that it, unlike Fiat currency, backed by nothing and not attached to anything. Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital drew the attention of the crypto community to the fact that fiaty dollar too, has long been backed by gold in full, and its emission is only limited by the decision of the Federal reserve. In this regard, Pompliano specifies the logical question is: why rely on the will of the public authority, if it is possible to rely on mathematics and impartial code?

Today it became known that the total Hasrat mining-pools Coingeek and BMG Pool of Bitcoin Cash exceeded 50%. BMG Pool belongs to the infamous kryptoperidinium Craig Wright, and Coingeek – Calvin Air support with Wright partnerships in a number of projects. Many members of the community saw in this Association of real centralization of Bitcoin Cash – the production of most of cryptocurrencies now controlled by one Union. In addition, some users expressed concerns that Wright will use this fact to put pressure on the community to his version, integrated in the November hard forks, was adopted as a basic for BCH.

And Hasrat Ethereum for the month decreased by 20%, from 294 TH/s to 246 TH/s. the Experts call this reduction the strongest in the history of cryptocurrency. There are two reasons: the recent depreciation of the broadcast to 170 dollars and the decision to reduce the awards for the formation of block from 3 to 2 ETH. Both of these factors dramatically reduced the potential reward for mining in Fiat. Although the price of the whole network is back to around 220 dollars, and reduce the award has not yet happened, probably some of the farm has temporarily disabled their equipment. If Herat will continue to decrease, this environment can draw in a network of other miners interested in working with a lower level of competition and ready to keep the mined coins to increase the rate.

Smart contracts EOS discovered new vulnerabilities. Recently a hacker managed to obtain about $200,000 in the EOS token using the gaming application EOSBet. The bug allowed a hacker to place free bets without depositing on the account of own money. In case of winning the gambler took all the prize itself. Representatives EOSBet said that a few games on the platform EOS was also attacked by the same bug. The developers have managed to address the vulnerability within a day.

Head TRON Foundation Justin San reported about the successful holding of the fifth round of burning tokens. In its course it destroyed 4.9 billion TRX. Justin San also said that burning not only has a beneficial effect on the growth rate of the cryptocurrency, but will also help in the transition TRON on its own blockchain with Ethereum platform.

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, owned by brothers Winklevosses will support litecoin. The listing of cryptocurrencies is scheduled for October 13.

Tomorrow, September 18, Binance launch in Singapore beta testing a new trading platform. New crypto currency exchange will support both cryptocurrency and Fiat (presumably Singapore dollar).

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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