Cryptocurrency news today 19 September


Cryptocurrency news today 19 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

Wednesday September 19, the top cryptocurrencies are trading mixed. The greatest growth shows Cardano (+3,5%), and 1% increase in XRP. Stronger than all in the first ten Coinmarketcap dropped Cash Bitcoin and Monero (-3%), 2% lost Stellar. Other cryptocurrencies traded rate +-1%.

One of the leaders in the world. Tim McCourt said he did not consider launching a bitcoin futures the reason for the decline of the cryptocurrency market in 2018. McCourt noted that the platform CME accounts for only a small part of the trading volumes of bitcoin. At the time bitcoin futures was launched in response to the desire of a certain group of traders to conduct transactions using cryptocurrency on an adjustable platform. Although the volume of trading cryptocurrency derivatives is gradually growing, that, according to McCourt, is not sufficient to significantly affect the market.

Today it became known that the bitcoin network was discovered a serious bug, for two years, threatening the safety of the entire system. The vulnerability has appeared due to the removal of the “check for duplicate entry of function CheckTransaction”, which allowed to save about 0.5-0.7 seconds at the formation of the bloc, but allowed for the miners to create a block, which would bring down all nodes of the network. The vulnerability has also been an issue for Bitcoin Cash and most of the other forks of bitcoin. In order to address the vulnerability, operators gcd, you need to install the latest version of Bitcoin Core or BitcoinABC, which already contain system patch.

Trader Dennis Sahlstrom published an article in Toshi Times, which compared the fee for the bitcoin transaction with the cost of Bank transfer through Bank of America. It turned out that the Bank charges $30 for a wire transfer is about 60 times more than the fee for the average transaction network of bitcoin ($0,5). Even in the period of maximum hype in December 2017, when the bandwidth of the bitcoin not enough to handle all transaction, the Commission only briefly touched $20. Modern solutions for scaling, like SegWit and Lightning Network in the near future will further increase the network throughput.

The experts of Dior Research has revealed law, according to which inhabitants of countries with high inflation are showing increasing interest in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the growing demand for the cryptocurrency grows in proportion to inflation. Such countries include Venezuela, Argentina, and more recently Turkey. In Venezuela inflation by September 2018, reaching 200 000%, according to analysts of the IMF to the end of the year will grow to 1 000 000%. In this situation, to distract the inhabitants of the country from bitcoin can neither supposedly backed by gold, oil and “all the resources of the country” national cryptocurrency El Petro, or “restarted” Fitna currency “sovereign Bolivar”. In Argentina by September of this year, inflation reached 35% and the volume of trade by citizens on Local Bitcoins from 2016 to 2018 grew by 124%.

CCID China center has updated the ranking of cryptocurrencies. First place still holds EOS, followed by ether and Komodo. Bitcoin this time entered the top ten.

The crypto currency exchange Poloniex has announced de-listing of eight cryptocurrencies. From 25 September the trading platform will cease to support BitcoinDark, Bitmark, Einsteinium, GridCoin, NeosCoin, PotCoin, VeriCoin and Bitcoin Plus. The exact reasons for the refusal of these assets was not made public, presumably Poloniex are not satisfied with the low liquidity of cryptocurrencies and weak trading volumes for him.

For crypto MyEtherWallet launched a mobile app MEW Connect. The app is supported on iOS and allows users to log into the wallet using a QR code instead of typing the private key.

Cryptocurrency company Bitfury Group has introduced a new chip for bitcoin mining ASIC Bitfury Clarke. The power of AO is 120 000 000 hash / sec with energy consumption of 55 millijoules on gigaherz.

The head of Fidelity Investments Abigail Johnson reported that the financial giant is developing services for blockchain and cryptocurrency. According to her, the company sees the cryptocurrency industry great potential, and the Fidelity experts will try to launch its first services this year.

The crypto currency exchange Huobi has joined the Center for digital transformation of Vnesheconombank to provide information support to Russian kriptosistem. The head of “VEB-innovations” Vladimir Dyomin noted that Huobi has all the skills to advise investors and to assist in the development of optimal regulation of the cryptocurrency market in Russia.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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