Cryptocurrency news today 21 September


Cryptocurrency news today 21 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Friday 21 September, the growth in the stock market continued with renewed vigor. The record demonstrates the dynamics of cryptocurrency XRP: she has gained 59% and came close to the second line, which is now occupied by ETH. In addition, 23% grow Stellar, 19% – Cardano. All other cryptocurrencies out of the top ten Coinmarketcap also traded in the green zone, and only 4 TOP 100 cryptocurrencies recorded a minus for the last day.

The phenomenal growth of cryptocurrencies from the Ripple attracted the attention of experts who proposed the explanation of such dynamics. The XRP rise by almost 60% associated with us Bank PNC and the imminent launch of the product xRapid. Interestingly, both events were announced in the beginning of the week, but the market began to react only after several days.

The overall growth of the stock market could also be triggered by a process initiated by the Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC) in respect of an application to launch a bitcoin ETF. SEC commissioners asked the applicants for additional information. In particular, specialists of the Commission are interested, do not increase the volatility of the crypto currency exchange Gemini after the simultaneous launch of the ETF on it and commodity futures exchange ITS. It is difficult to determine whether the desire of the SEC to fully understand this issue, a favorable factor: on the one hand, the Commission has not refused immediately, the process may be delayed, and the ETF will not be launched before the end of the year.

Charlie Lee made a statement about that recently, the group of stakeholders put pressure on litecoin and every way to tarnish the reputation of the platform. The founder of litecoin has denied allegations that his cryptocurrency lost his perspective and is of no real value. Li pointed out that, first, the litecoin network is supported asik-miners with a total cost of about $ 150 million. The miners are unprofitable to attack the network, because then their own equipment will depreciate. Second, litecoin is one of the most liquid coins which are traded on dozens of cripture. LTC is supported by 9 major processing centres, among which Coinbase and CoinGate. In addition, litecoin smooth operating for over 7 years.

Well-known investor Tim Draper in an interview with The Street reiterated its forecast that by 2022 the rate of bitcoin will reach $250 000. Draper noted that confident in bitcoin after even the collapse of crypto currency exchange Mt.Gox couldn’t bring cryptocurrency to fall more than 10-15%. Draper also once again expressed his admiration for the technological potential of bitcoin and offered the investors to buy it now before the price of digital currency is low.

Another famous cryptoanalyst from the world of Finance Mike Novogratz said that at the auction of bitcoin there is a shortage of sellers, and the first cryptocurrency confidently pushed off from the level of $ 6000. The novogratz noted that the price of bitcoin stabilized in mid-summer, after six months of almost continuous decline, and now there was a clear upward reversal.

The head of the crypto currency exchange Binance Chunpeng Zhao noted that he not at all concerned about the current volatility of the cryptocurrency. In 2014, the owner sold the house and with the money purchased a bitcoin, then the price of bitcoin has fallen three times. After this, according to Zhao, it is difficult to confuse with fluctuations of 5-10%. Instead, kryptoperidinium intends to continue to develop its exchange, to add support for FIATA to establish relations with the governments of developing countries who really appreciate the perspectives of cryptocurrency.

Independent developer Alex Akhunov presented his client’s version of the Geth to live. FOR is called Turbo Geth, and is designed to optimize storage network nodes. To run full nodes need to have 252.11 GB of free space, which is five times less than required by the original Geth.

Venezuela hosted the launch of the beta version of crypto Dash Text that gives the possibility to carry out transactions with Dash via SMS without an Internet connection. Transfer of cryptocurrency by using the very simple push-button phone. According to co-founder Dash Text Lorenzo ray, Venezuela is perfect for testing project, because this technology has already been implemented in the country to transfer piatogo Bolivar.

Financial regulator of Japan FSA initiated an inspection of the crypto currency exchange Zaif on September 20, the same day when representatives of a trading platform said the burglary and theft of cryptocurrency.

The blockchain summit in the Georgian capital company Bitmain has introduced a high-performance chip for asik miners. The energy efficiency of the new device will be 42 J/TH.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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