Cryptocurrency news today 25 September


Cryptocurrency news today 25 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Tuesday 25 September, the stock market increased the downward movement. In the red zone traded all of the top ten Coinmarketcap. The greatest loss is the growth leader last week, the XRP – cryptocurrency decreased by 15% per day. 10.5% of the lost live at 9,95% – Cardano, Stellar and EOS. The smallest losses from bitcoin (-3%) and Monero (-3,5%).

Co-founder Chris Klein in an interview with Forbes cited several reasons for the growth of bitcoin and all of the stock market before the end of 2018. Klein admits that the year-end exchange rate of bitcoin can rise even to the level of $ 40,000. First and foremost, to contribute to the launch of a bitcoin ETF that will attract institutional investors. In approving the ETF regulators Klein little doubt. Second, the patent on Mastercard technology, accelerating the blockchain-the transaction will make skeptics believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies in General. Thanks to better regulation and digital currencies are increasingly interested in traditional financial institutions. And finally – is gaining popularity the blockchain, the total number of transactions is increasing each month, and in mid-summer was approximately 230 000 per day.

Rathbone Investment Management conducted a survey among the residents of London, which showed that about a third of the population of the British capital plans to invest in cryptocurrencies. In the rest of the UK to invest in digital assets are only 13% of respondents. Most bitcoin trust young people: from the category “35” 37% of respondents have a positive look at kriptosistema. Approximately 15% of the surveyed investors have already invested in the cryptocurrency and noted that we were able to significantly improve their well-being thanks to the digital assets.

Chainalysis study showed that in the summer the ratio of bitcoins under the control of long-term investors and speculators virtually unchanged. Version Chainalysis, long-term investors own approximately 30% of bitcoins, the speculators – 23%. 29% of the total number of bitcoins are not yet mined or lost forever coins. 11% of the total amount of BTC are constantly circulating, and the status of the remaining 7% of bitcoins has not been fully determined (they may also have been lost or are in the status of a “forgotten investment”).

Data from the report of the Bank for international settlements (BIS) show the relationship of news about regulation of the stock market with the dynamics of the courses of digital assets. After the failure of the brothers Winklevoss to launch a bitcoin ETF in March this year the exchange rate of bitcoin in a matter of minutes fell by 16% on the news about tightening measures by the Japanese FSA to cryptomeria BTC dropped by 5% within two hours.

A week after the official launch in the core network Tezos was discovered a bug that slows the operation of the system 20 times. According to the information portal yesterday because of this vulnerability, the formation of the unit increased from 1 to 20 minutes. Users quickly reported the problem in the chats, on the morning of 25 September, the network continued to work normally.

Bitcoin Cash can now be used not only for crypto-currency transfers, but also for data storage. Specialists, Simple Ledger Protocol has developed a system, called Bitcoin Protocol Files. Thanks to the integration with a decentralized network of cryptocurrency risks of theft of information are minimized, and the idea was relatively easy to implement.

Venture capital Fund Andreessen Horowitz has acquired 6% of the total issue of token Maker (MKR). Investments in MKR was one of the first major investments of the Fund a16z crypto, founded Andreessen Horowitz with a total capital of $300 million Tokens MKR was acquired for $15 million

Developers EOS introduced cryptocurrency wallet, available for PC and mobile platforms. The service allows you to make transactions with any token EOS, and operations with smart contracts. By storing on the server, only HTML and JavaScript versions of the wallet increases the level of security most hacking is useless in this case.

Project Swap.Online conducted the first atomic swap between the EOS blockchains and Bitcoin at the same time launching its own network. The service also supports swaps with ether and token-format, ERC-20. So far, the platform is only available in the web version, but the developers promise to soon release desktop. The team also plans to implement the ability to conduct transactions in Fiat.

After hacking the exchange Zaif FSA of Japan announced a new tighter regulation of the cryptocurrency platforms of the country. The regulator also demanded that the operator of crypto currency exchange Corp Tech Bureau to take measures on search of organizers of theft of funds. Representatives of the FSA also noted that the Tech Bureau Corp and has not provided comprehensive information about making a hack in principle, possible.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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