Cryptocurrency news today 28 September


Cryptocurrency news today 28 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Friday 28 September cryptocurrency market is showing a slight increase. In the first ten Coinmarketcap losses observed only in Bitcoin Cash (-5,5%). During the day, more all added EOS (+4%), 3% rose course air. Other top cryptocurrencies have risen in the range of 1-2%.

Well-known analyst and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Thomas Lee expects a strong growth rate until the end of the year. Lee is known for his optimistic views on the stock market, however, informed his predictions were, mostly, bitcoin. Now Li pointed out that in 2018 the cryptocurrency Ethereum has declined more than any other popular coin and in the near future the trend should turn upward. The analyst believes that investors seriously underestimate the potential of the ether, in addition, the course pushing the “panic selling of the ICO projects.” As soon as the crisis is over, the coin waiting for the rapid growth sure.

And the expert of technical analysis Marek Paciorkowski of Aforti Exchange admits that the bitcoin exchange rate could drop down to $ 100. He defined graphic pattern “Triangle” on the chart of BTC, the analyst also drew attention to the decline of the volatility which shows the indicator “Bollinger Bands”. A recovery bitcoin exchange rate as of April 2018, was accompanied by diminishing volume. In General, the situation in the graph indicates a classic “speculative bubble,” said Paciorkowski. The most negative scenario for bitcoin will be a confident breakout of the support $5500 – in this case, the collapse can continue until $100.

Cryptomelane Zhao Dong engaged in trade bitcoin OTC Chinese markets, believes that the end of 2018 and 2019, the entire year will be a great time to invest in bitcoin. Dong noted that smart investors know how to use bearish market in order to purchase valuable assets at a low price. However, just buy the coin cheap is not enough – you also need to be willing to keep it up as long as the price reaches its peak.

The head of the Binance Chunpeng Zhao also optimistic about the prospects of the stock market. Zhao did not rule out that the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies will grow in 1000 times – however, he is not ready to name a specific date. SEO Binance also noted that October and November were usually a good time for the market, but there is no guarantee that this year’s scenario will repeat itself.

And on the crypto currency exchange Binance last night for a few hours was suspended trading. Chunpeng Zhao explained this failure in the infrastructure of the marketplace. Zhao also drew the attention of users to the listing of the new stablon Paxos Standard, which, in the words of the head of the exchange, will appeal to all who are “dissatisfied with the Tether”. Coin is also tied to the U.S. dollar and the capital is provided by the Paxos Trust Company whose activities are regulated by the SEC.

And the largest American cryptocurrency company Coinbase has added support for the pound on all their services. The input and output of the GBP on the trading platform Coinbase will take no more than 30 minutes. Representatives from Coinbase noted that the service is only available to UK users. In addition, today the company launched services for beginners Bundle Coinbase, Coinbase and Coinbase Asset Pages Learn. The first allows you to invest in portfolios that includes multiple scriptaction. Asset Pages provides information for the top 50 cryptocurrencies, and Learn helps users see the principle of cryptocurrency and the basics of the blockchain.

The crypto currency exchange Kraken has added support for Cardano and Qtum. Both crypto-currencies will be traded in pairs with the American and canadian dollars, euros, and bitcoin and ether. Bidding will start today, September 28.

Indian crypto currency exchange Zebpay announced the termination of work with clients. Representatives of a trading platform explained this step by the problems in banking services because of the ban by the Central Bank of the country. September 28, all open trades were closed at the market price, and the funds transferred to your account. Despite the suspension of trading, users can freely withdraw funds from accounts of crypto currency exchange.

According CoinDеsk, bitcoin has the lowest volatility over the past two years. According to some experts, it could signal imminent change in investor sentiment towards the asset. Since the last three months, the course of bitcoin has decreased, we can expect growth to around 8500 dollars and above.

The blockchain Red Belly, developed by Australian researchers, was successfully launched on September 26. On tests technology has demonstrated a record speed of transaction processing – up to 660,000 transactions per second. In normal mode, the blockchain needs to handle 30,000 transactions per second.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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