Cryptocurrency news today 29 Sep


Cryptocurrency news today 29 Sep

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Saturday in the cryptocurrency market dominated by an upward trend. Coinmarketcap in the top ten most optimistic dynamics is shown cryptocurrency XRP (+7.5%) and Ethereum (+3,5%). EOS bitcoin decreased by 1%, other top cryptocurrencies traded with a slight advantage.

Technical studies by Bloomberg show that the planned stock market bullish trend. In the integrated indicator RIG indicators of impulses over the line by the RSI, which is a signal to trend reversal up. Before this signal was played three times in a row: after crossing the lines, the price of bitcoin is unfolded upward. Last time this happened in mid-August, and the rate of bitcoin has increased by more than 20%.

Analyst Diar Larry Cermak believes that the price of air could fall even lower. In Diar sure that ICO-startups are sold, not all earned tokens, and, quite possibly, want to eliminate them in the near future. According to Diar, “on hand” at the ICO project is still about 38% of the involved coins, although other experts have previously argued that start-UPS have already eliminated more than 80% of tokens. Thus, in the short term, the air has a chance to rally to $300 and above, due to the bullish dynamics of the last two weeks.

Yesterday in the network got a document allegedly compiled by the staff of the crypto currency exchange Huobi, indicating the mutual vote of the major manufacturers of power network EOS. The document stated that Huobi as a delegate voted in favor of producers 20 units, 16 of them in response voted for Huobi. Huobi informed the delegate voted for 7 manufacturers units that do not provide any information about the nodes, website, owner, etc. In particular, the document size is set at “rollback”: the voting for delegate eosiosg11111, Huobi gets 170 EOS, and a voice in the direction cochainworld – 150 EOS.

Service StellarX, offering the possibility of trading assets on the blockchain Stellar launches decentralised crypto currency exchange. Marketplace will support Fiat currency and take Commission costs users. On the site may be mandatory verification, but to demand it is not the exchange and the issuers of tokens.

Company GMO Internet has released a software client for mining coins based on the algorithm Equihash. Primarily aimed at the zcash for mining cryptocurrency. For using the new client, the miners will pay the company 2% of mined coins.

On September 28 rating Coinmarketcap was recorded in 2008 coins – mark in 2000 was officially over. While Coinmarketcap includes a rating, not all existing cryptocurrencies. Among the requirements that the service imposes on the tokens, including public listing on a crypto currency exchange with a known API and the actual volume traded.

Michael Arrington of Arrington XRP Capital in an interview with Beyond Blocks stated that the SEC is moving quickly enough in the regulation of the stock market. According to Arrington, the stock market would be better if no regulation were not at all. But even worse, when the regulator seems to be taken to regulate the market, but in fact does almost nothing. Kryptoperidinium and investors speculated on the next step the SEC and how it will affect the market. As a result, many companies go on the Asian market where cryptocurrency regulation is developing much more actively.

Platform ShapeShift has introduced a new service CoinCap. The service will feature data from more than 1200 coins, including the live courses trading volumes on the stock exchanges and analytical tools.

Previously, the service ShapeShift has been named popular for money laundering – data provided to The Wall Street Journal, analysts who conducted their own investigation. According to the resource, the ShapeShift was laundered about $9 million, and through all cryptocurrency exchanges and services collectively, more than $88 million Head ShapeShift Eric Vorhes responded that each year through the global banking system, laundered trillions of dollars and advised the journalists to assess the situation, and not to chase the hype.

In China opened the first hotel that accepts as payment bitcoin and ether. The school is located in Sichuan province, which, due to the low electricity tariffs, it is advantageous to engage in mining.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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