Cryptocurrency news today 3 September


Cryptocurrency news today 3 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

The first week of the fall for the cryptocurrency market starts quite calmly. After a surge in late August, a large part of the top crypto currency is trading neutrally. The strongest growth in the first ten shows Coinmarketcap cryptocurrency Monero (+3,5%) replace the tenth line of IOTA. A little less than a cent added the EOS, a 1.5% lost Stellar, -1% in the air. Other cryptocurrencies traded around the zero mark.

Well-known analyst on wall street and cryptoexpert Tom Lee said that the launch of Ethereum futures may adversely affect the course of the broadcast, but will support bitcoin. If associates depreciation of bitcoin since January of this year, 70% of it with the launch of bitcoin futures, and, in his opinion, a similar scenario awaits the course of the broadcast. At the same time, bitcoin it will be an opportunity to relieve themselves of part of the negative, as many traders-the bears are beginning to short ester and leave the first cryptocurrency alone.

At the weekend, the media published excerpts from a discussion of the famous trader Tone Weiss and a financial expert Nouriel Roubini, at the time, predicted the crisis of 2008. Blockshow at the conference, held in late August in Las Vegas, two experts discussed the situation in the crypto market and, despite the fact that the debate was positioned as a “verbal duel”, largely concurred. And Weiss, and Roubini believe that almost all of the cryptocurrencies will collapse, except for the fact that Weiss believes in bitcoin, and finds his only true value on the stock market. While Roubini generally skeptical in relation to digital assets, Weiss sees some clear advantages of bitcoin compared to traditional US dollar and gold, for example, the independence of monetary policy and the absence of censorship.

Weekend Bitcoin Cash was subjected to stress test, and, according to the portal successfully passed. Although belongs to Roger ver, one of the most ardent supporters of Bitcoin Cash, to doubt the statistics have no confirmed information services Bitinfocharts and A day in the major fork of bitcoin processed over two million transactions – this indicator has exceeded the cryptocurrency XRP and Ethereum. We also learned that the average unit size of the network increased to 8 MB.

According to a study by MarketsandMarkets, the market for bitcoin ATMs in five years will reach the cap of $145 million in the world today, there are about 3,650 cryptonomicon, and every day their number is growing at 4-5 Grand. Now almost two-thirds of the devices is one – sided- that is, only allow to buy bitcoins, but over time, the share of bilateral ATMs will grow and they will dominate the market.

September 2 was held an additional issue of cryptocurrency Tether 100 million USDT entered the wallet of a crypto currency exchange Bitfinex. The previous issue held on August 21 has caused a temporary surge of bitcoin prices, this time BTC did not respond to an artificial increase in the capitalization of USDT. However, some analysts believe the schedule issue Tether a good indicator bitcoin exchange rate.

Cryptocurrency wallet Exodus now supports Stellar and Mithril – the cryptocurrency has been added in the new version that also supports automatic updates for Windows. In addition to storing, these cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for any other of the supported e-wallet via built-in service ShapeShift.

A crypto currency exchange Poloniex added a new pair with a Tether. Now users will be able to buy or sell 0x Lisk, Dogecoin, Golem and Siacoin for USDT. As noted by the representatives of the trading platform, adding new pairs occurred due to numerous requests from clients.

The crypto currency exchange Bittrex announced the removal from listing Bitcoin Gold. This decision is connected with failure of team BTG to compensate for the loss caused by the attack 51%, which occurred in may of this year and hit, including on the resources of the marketplace. After the attack, the representatives Bittrex contacted the team of the Bitcoin Gold and was offered several options for compensation, otherwise the cryptocurrency expected delisting. The developers of Bitcoin Gold stated that the required amount (of the order 12372 BTG or BTG 6000, depending on conditions), they are too big. Delisting Bitcoin Gold is scheduled for September 14.

Already more than 9,000 users signed a petition addressed to the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos about adding the possibility to pay on site cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Cryptocurrency, at one time created for fun, solidly in the top hundred Coinmarketcap, and last week showed an increase of more than 100%.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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