Cryptocurrency news today 30 Aug


Cryptocurrency news today 30 Aug

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Thursday 30 August on the stock market was another local collapse, which wiped out received over the past few days the increase in capitalization for most of the top cryptocurrencies. In the first ten Coinmarketcap greatest losses from IOTA (-13%), fell by 8.5% cryptocurrency Cardano, 8% – Stellar and EOS. The smallest losses (not counting stablon Tether) in bitcoin (-3,5%).

Ethereum co-founder and CEO of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin said in the Final Round that he doubted the possibility of manipulating the exchange rate of bitcoin with stablon Tether. This theory was published in June by experts of the University of Texas – their study showed that all strong jumps bitcoin exchange rate was accompanied by high trading volumes on the Tether. The project Tether constantly exposed to criticism and accusations that not all the amount of digital coins backed by Vietnam dollar. But Lubin did not doubt the security Tether Fiat – a conclusion he did, actively communicating with other members of kryptonyte. With regard to the manipulation of bitcoin exchange rate, then, according to Lubin, they could be implemented without the use of Tether – decentralized crypto currency exchange open of a wide range of possibilities for speculation. However, the head of ConsenSys, in principle, doubt that the machinations of the course took place in 2017 and early 2018.

Developer and programmer Adam Macmurchy suggested to Elon musk 200 coins ether for any information about the rocket Big Falcon Rocket or the apparatus. Musk said on Twitter that he wants to get those ETH, even if the entire project Ethereum will be a Scam. It is difficult to say how serious the interest of the head of SpaceX and Tesla for bitcoin, but his tweet has received wide attention, and the discussion was joined by other famous personalities. In particular, the strategic Director Blockstream Samson MOU advised a Mask to stay away from Bitcoin Cash, around which in recent days has flared up several scandals.

Bitcoin, and litecoin broadcast is now available on the trading platform Yahoo Finance. This news signals the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, even traditional financial portals. Earlier quotes of several top cryptocurrency was added to Converter Google, though a few months ago, the Internet giant has blocked any advertising associated with the digital asset and ICO.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex expands the list of currency pairs with the US dollar. Now fiaty a dollar can buy zcash for Cardano and. Previously on the trading floor was added, ETC couples/USD and XRP/USD.

Hasrat network of bitcoin have once again updated the historical maximum computing power reached capacity 61.866 Exages/sec. In the last month, Hasrat main cryptocurrency shows a stable trend of growth, periodically updating the highs. Over the past two days, the productivity increased by 35%, and then, updating the maximum, fell back to around 50 Exames/sec.

According to the research company Harris Insights, 8% of Americans invest in the cryptocurrency. However, this group is dominated by young people with relatively low income. With regard to the age of wealthy Americans, their cryptocurrency attracts little: according to research company Gallup, 41% of the respondents categorically do not want to invest in cryptocurrency, as this asset class seems too volatile. While the same study showed that more than half of Americans own shares of companies traded on traditional stock market.

A large Korean Bithumb crypto currency exchange re-opens registration for new users. Opening new accounts had been paused due to problems with the banking service trading platform, but today Bithumb signs a contract with Nonghyup Bank to resume cooperation. Maintenance of accounts Bithumb in Nonghyup will allow for the entry and withdrawal of Fiat funds. Continued cooperation became possible after the exchange operations were carried out to improve safety systems (due to their imperfections at the beginning of summer Bithumb was attacked, which was stolen about $30 million in bitcoin).

Company controlled by Bitmain mining giant, has announced the launch of mining pools for the mining of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. As the representatives that mining will be carried out by using graphics processors (despite the fact that the newly released Bitmain asik specifically for Ethereum). Plans for the year to control 12% Hasrat ether (at the moment the company controls approximately 17.3% of the bitcoin network, at some point, this parameter reached 21%).

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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