Cryptocurrency news today 4 September


Cryptocurrency news today 4 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Tuesday 4 September, the market again began to move. Today in a green area of trading not just the first dozen, but almost all of the first hundred Coinmarketcap. But the really impressive growth among the top cryptocurrencies show only Monero (+11%) and Litecoin (+5%). The rest of the coins added about 1-2%.

One of the first known bitcoin enthusiasts, kryptoperidinium Charlie Shrem gave some advice to novice investors, and also shared his thoughts on the cryptocurrency market at the MoneyShow conference in San Francisco. First, Shrem recommends to invest in digital assets more money than the investor can afford to lose. As noted by Charlie, the price of almost any cryptocurrency will increase in 2 times for a short period of time, and drop 90%. Second, cryptomnesia recommends to focus on long term investing for about 5 years, previously having analyzed the prospects of cryptocurrency. During his speech, Shrem also touched on the issue a bitcoin ETF. According to him, the launch of the tool will occur in 2019, and all investors, especially large ones, will need to be very careful. If at this point the market will experience a force majeure, the SEC will cancel the ETF, and another such chance for the development of kriptonyte will be gone.

However, many experts expect to launch a bitcoin ETF this year, and not later than by the end of October – beginning of November. An important role will play the operator of the new York stock exchange ICE, opening cryptocurrency platform Bakkt and planning to zapustit on it’s own ETF. According to the head Bakkt bitcoin ETF will be traded without leverage, that will minimize the possibility of market manipulation. Head of consulting company Svandis Hermann Finnhorse said that against the background of such prospects is waiting for penetration of the bitcoin reach $10000 by the beginning of November.

Acne Buterin responded to the criticism of Bitcoin Core developer and consultant Stellar Jeremy Rubin regarding his creation of the broadcast. According to Rubin, the air of the big problems with scalability and security in smart contracts. Because of this, according to Rubin, users may choose to broadcast the transaction to other ERC20-tokens. Buterin responded that the majority of criticisms of ruby fair, but only to live in his current state. The only chance for Ethereum to be the leaders of the crypto world is a constant evolution. Now in the Ethereum community are considered two proposals to change the mechanism of transactions and the formation of a Commission for them.

The weekly volatility of bitcoin fell to a record over the year – 8,88%. During this year the first cryptocurrency was changed in average by 20% over the week. According to CEO Eric ShapeShift Vorhees, the high volatility in the market attracts mostly traders, which is a chance to earn a lot in a short time. However, serious investors and users are more comfortable with the crypto currency with a stable value. Vorhies believes that if the bitcoin exchange rate will hold stable for a while, it can instill confidence in the community and push the market to new growth.

Platform Internet banking now supports Wirex live. Users can now exchange the ETH 50 other tokens supported by the platform, as well as buy and sell them for Fiat. While the service is only available to customers from Europe.

Europeans can now also buy bitcoins using Abra app. The service now supports transactions in euros and other European currencies. Transactions with other cryptocurrencies, users will be able to implement already using bitcoin.

Node Blockchain analyst Saad Imran conducted a study of mining cryptocurrencies, whereby it was established that the mining of bitcoin and other PoW coins odd and positive effect for the environment. Despite the fact that one bitcoin transaction is spent much more energy than, for example, transfers through VISA, blockchain continues to protect information about the transaction and after. In the long term such costs kompensiruet, and make cryptocurrency more efficient payment system. In addition, mining helps develop areas with cheap electricity, and stimulates the development of green technologies.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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