Cryptocurrency news today 5 September


Cryptocurrency news today 5 September

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Wednesday the stock market collapsed: an hour total capitalization of digital assets decreased by approximately 7%. All of the top ten Coinmarketcap is trading in the red zone. Lost Bitcoin Cash (-11%) and EOS (-10,5%). Decreased by 10% ether, 5% bitcoin. Less than all of the top assets in the last 24 hours (not including Tether) lost cryptocurrency Stellar (-1,5%), which managed to grow by a few percent.

And cryptologist continues to discuss the topic of bitcoin ETF. According to SEO Abra bill Barhydt this year launch a financial instrument will not be approved. Barhydt believes that the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) thinks a template, and the current initiators of the launch of the ETF do not correspond to the views of the Commission on reliable financial institution. That is why, said the head of Abra, experts believe the launch of the SEC funds is too risky. In fact, a lot depends on how large and reputable organization will give the Commission a new query.

Ripple and CEO brad Garlinghouse admitted that he does not expect a quick victory cryptocurrency over Fiat money. According to him, it is unlikely in the near future, ordinary users will pay with bitcoin or XRP for a Cup of coffee in the coffee shop. Arlinghaus believes that the dollar and other world currencies an excellent job with the role of a tool for everyday calculations, and in order for the bitcoin replaced Fiat, it should be even better. Now the main feature of cryptocurrency is to be a means for backup saving in the regions with unstable economies (like Venezuela) and instrument for international payments in large amounts.

10 Sep will be launched the smart contracts core network Waves. April 28, took a test run, and more than four months smart contracts actively tested. According to Ilya Smagin, one of the leaders of the Waves, running your own contracts will expand the functionality of user accounts and will create new opportunities for the token use. Also in the near future it is planned to launch a data transaction for transmission of information through the micro-translation tokens.

Despite the General collapse in the stock market, coin BitcoinDark increased by approximately 400% per day. And this dynamic growth no obvious reason – cryptocurrency fell steadily last 4 months, after developers have shifted attention to the creation of new coins Komodo (KMD). The greatest activity for BTCD in the last fact was recorded on the crypto currency exchange Poloniex.

And here’s another one from today PAMP Bitcoin Diamond has a logical explanation. On adding this coin in the listing was announced by the crypto currency exchange Binance, after which Diamond was grown by 185% per day. Now, the cryptocurrency continues its growth, after a small pullback again approaching the key level of $3.5.

Hardware crypto Ledger’s Nano now supports the EOS, Waves and a few less popular cryptocurrency. Soon the team cryptostroma also plans to add support for IOTA, Cardano, Decred and Lisk.

Platform Stratis you can now run cloud-based ICO. This will be the online platform of Microsoft Azure. The team plan is Stratis, it will allow the ICO startups to issue their tokens in a matter of minutes. Also, for many projects the use of Microsoft Azure can help address issues of jurisdiction. According to analysts Stratis market the use of the blockchain as a service for business will soon grow and the team is planning to manage to occupy this niche at the start.

According to Business Insider, Goldman Sachs does not plan to open a direction of trading and investing in cryptocurrency tools in the near future. Now Goldman Sachs stops the lack of clear regulation of cryptocurrencies, but in the future governance of the banking giant could change its decision if the market situation changes. In addition, Goldman considering run custodian service that will give customers the ability to trade bitcoin futures, and CFDs.

In September, the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the Philippines will put forward a number of bills on regulation of cryptocurrency in the country. According to the representative of the Commission Luis Amatong, will be based on the principle of regulation of crypto-currencies in Switzerland and Australia. In particular, cryptocurrency exchanges will receive the status “the traditional trading platforms”.

Platform for cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift introduces compulsory registration of users. ShapeShift has long provided customers access to exchange services without requiring personal data. Now data collection is marketed as part of the loyalty program.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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