Cryptocurrency news today 7 Sep


Cryptocurrency news today 7 Sep

Team presents to your attention our regular column – “the news of the cryptocurrency today”. Recall that in this column we publish news, which influence on the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency of the TOP 100 by market capitalization according to Coinmarketcap.

On Friday, September 7 at the cryptocurrency market is in relative calm. Recovery for a two-day decline was not followed, however, the vast majority of crypto-currencies stopped falling and gained 1-2%. In the first ten Coinmarketcap best result from Stellar +5% more 3% added cryptocurrency XRP. Bitcoin has gained less than one percent, the air decreased by 1.5%.

After the fall of most of cryptocurrencies on average 15-20% over the two days, many members of the community wondered whether to dokopatsya at this stage, and whether the market has formed a local “bottom”, followed by the rebound up. Several experts have already expressed their opinion. In particular, Mati Greenspan eToro of believes that the market still has room to decline, and there is no guarantee that in the near future the price will reverse up. On the other hand, according to Greenspan, the decline in the market in 2018 is a natural correction after the boom of 2017, in itself kriptonyte is in order. And the head of Capital BitBull Joe Dipascali confident that bitcoin will grow in the near future, and drags the rest of the market. The confidence of Dipasquale is based on the fact that cryptocurrency is of interest to a growing number of users. Agree with this position, and the head CryptoCompare Charles Hayter, who expects soon to use the cryptocurrency will not only end users, but many major financial institutions.

According to research company YouGov, nearly 80% of Americans have heard about bitcoin. This really was dealing with digital assets (invested mainily or committed transaction), only one tenth of the respondents. Half of the respondents, though have heard of bitcoin, don’t plan to invest in it in the near future. But among the most active population (young people and Millennials) for more than half willing to consider bitcoin as an alternative currency.

The recent appointment of Elad Roizman new Commissioner at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) can speed up the launch a bitcoin ETF. The appointment has provoked a lot of discussion in cryptosuite: some users have great hopes for Roizman and ETFs, while others believe that cryptonote can develop at all without starting funds.

However, the largest American cryptocurrency company Coinbase plans to make another attempt to launch its own ETF. To optimize the design of the financial instrument in Coinbase decided to consult with BlackRock. One of the world’s largest investment companies, BlackRock several months ago formed the Department of research of the cryptocurrency market. Yet Coinbase has not received from BlackRock specific recommendations, in addition, it became known that the latter is not interested in launching their own cryptocurrency ETF.

The founder of mining pool Andrey Kurchenko considers that the reduction of remuneration for a unit of the network broadcast from 3 to 2 ETH should have a positive impact on the cost of the second world cryptocurrency. The price will go up due to the expected limitations issue, says Andrew. In addition, a positive effect on the course of bitcoin will also have the transition from PoW to PoS algorithm – this will reduce the cost of mining, to make it inexpedient to attack 51% and will bring a number of advantages.

The crypto currency exchange Poloniex has announced the addition of cryptocurrency Qtum. Listing token is scheduled for today, September 7. After starting Qtum will be traded in currency pairs with bitcoin, ether and Tether.

Representatives of the mining pool Slush Pool announced plans to start working with zcash for. Mining power pool located in several regions of China. According to research group Crypto Ninjas, mining occurs on InnoSilicon Equihash ZMaster Antminer A9 and Z9 mini.

AntPool, one of the mining pools are controlled by Bitmain, has been accused of using algorithm AsicBoost to improve the efficiency of mining bitcoins. This algorithm allows to reduce the time of formation of the block by about 20% due to the reduction of certain operations. This type of mining is considered in cryptosuite “unsportsmanlike”, and Bitmain has repeatedly denied its use. Now, however, the resource has provided evidence of the mining AntPool blocks using AsicBoost.

The Australian Commission of securities and investments (ASIC) intends to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges under the same rules as other trading platforms of the country. The regulator said that in 2018-2019 there will be a new legal basis for the regulation of cripture. Now the cryptocurrency platforms are no mandatory requirements, however, the attitude of the ASIC in 2018 became much tougher.

Stay tuned not to miss any important event from the world of cryptocurrency!

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