Cryptocurrency trading platform NiceHash returned to clients 60% of the stolen money


Slovenian market for the sale of computing power for mining cryptocurrency NiceHash reimbursed the customers 60% of the total amount stolen in December 2017 bitcoins.

The result of a hacker attack on the platform NiceHash attackers seized 4,700 BTC in the amount of $63.92 million. The investigation had established that the hacking of the payment system of a trading platform that criminals managed to steal digital assets from cryptocurrency wallets of users.

Two weeks after the attack, the company management has published a programme plan compensation. In this programme, 2 Feb customers returned 10% of the amount of the stolen money and promised to pay the remaining Bitcoin in a short time. At the moment, users are reimbursed for 60% of the amount of damage, according to the NiceHash, 40% will be paid within a few months, i.e. until the end of the year, all victims will receive full restitution!

It is important to note that the investigation in the theft of cryptocurrency is still not finished. Several international law enforcement agencies and departments on cybersecurity are searching for hackers. Information is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation, however, there are chances that criminals will be able to identify and arrest!

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