Cryptocurrency trading Venezuelan Petro kick off on Monday


All interested persons will be able to purchase Venezuelan national cryptocurrency Petro next Monday, Vice-President for economic Affairs of the country.

Venezuelan Vice-President for economic Affairs Tarek El-Aissami announced that Petro public sale will start on 29th of October.

“The Vice-President, Economics @TareckPSUV: Starting Monday, the 29th of October, you received certificates for the purchase of El Petro. On the same day, users will be able to buy Petro for other cryptocurrencies. #decolonizations “

#AsiLoDijo || Vicepresidente de Economía @TareckPSUV: A partir del día lunes 29 de octubre recibirán sus certificados de compra de El Petro. Ese mismo día, los usuarios podrán adquirir Petros en otras criptomonedas. #DescolonizaciónDeVenezuela

— Ministerio de Industrias y Producción Nacional (@MinIndustriasVE) October 25, 2018

Tarek also said that the platform of Google on 15 October temporarily suspended service for cryptocurrency that has made the wallets temporarily inactive, therefore it offers to download the crypto through the portal Petro.

The Vice-President stressed that the Venezuelan government is ready to start talks with all representatives of the business on reception of payments with the national cryptocurrency, saying that the government has already signed contracts for the purchase of goods and services in the national cryptocurrency for a total amount of us $ 500 million.

Also in early November, Vice-President, Delcy Rodriguez announced that starting in November, the Venezuelans will have to pay the state fee for receiving a replacement passport through the national cryptocurrency Petro.

We will remind that on 20 August in circulation has entered a new “sovereign Bolivar” rate which is tied to Petro, which has received the official status of “scriptactive supported by the Venezuelan government, which is fully secured national oil reserve of Venezuela”.

In anticipation of the launch of public trading Petro cryptocurrency bitcoin demand in Venezuela continued to grow steadily. Citizens still continue to seek salvation in the main cryptocurrency in an attempt to survive the government’s errors of economic policies and rampant hyperinflation, which persists to this day, despite the denomination of the national currency in August.

The Venezuelan government leaves the growth of demand for bitcoin: in June, Tarek El-Aissami also said that account holders who carried out the transactions associated with cryptocurrencies, which the government considers “undermining the foundations of national currency” will be “severely punished”.

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