Cryptocurrency USDT from the blockchain startups Tether stuck for 8 hours


On 17 September at about 23:00 Moscow time the problem started in the Protocol Layer Omni cryptocurrency USDT. Virtual processor Parsing engine which transmits the data to the browser blocks Omniexplorer and cryptocurrency wallet Omniwallet, has stopped responding the system.

The developers have reset the processor and started the process of checking and synchronizing data. The technical work was completed September 18 to 07:00 Moscow time. Representatives of Tether said:

“Information in Omni Explorer is fully synchronized with the current number of blocks, we checked the balance of tokens in your wallet Omniwallet and resumed all services”.

USDT tokens in the blockchain of the company’s Tether function on the basis of the Omni Protocol Layer, which provides interaction with network and controls the execution of the transactions. The problem was most likely caused by a software failure.

Recently, stable cryptocurrency USDT has a serious competitor – tokens Gemini Dollar, which was released cryptocurrency exchange Gemini in the Ethereum blockchain. Course Gemini and USDT Dollar is pegged to the us dollar at a ratio of 1:1, but, unlike the Tether, the Gemini will be on a monthly basis to be audited the account balance in the Bank and confirming thus the presence of dollars.

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