Cryptomelane lost 5 500 bitcoins


Cryptomelane lost 5 500 bitcoins

22-year-old Finnish businessman Aarne Otava, Saaremaa lost more than 5 000 BTC, after he participated in an investment fraud scheme in Thailand.

Public attention the case had attracted because of possible involvement in the Scam Thai actor.

It is reported that in June last year a group of Thais suggested, Saarimaa to invest in some Thai stocks, casino in Macau, as well as the new digital currency Dragon Coin. It was assumed that the coin will be used for the needs of the casino.

To demonstrate the reality of their promises, the scammers brought the businessman to the casino, after which he gave them 5 564 BTC. However, no profit cryptomelane did not wait and in January of this year, together with its partner has submitted an application to the Thai Department for combating crimes (CSD).

The police conducted the investigation, the results of which it became known that the group of attackers did not invest received BTC and exchange them for Thai baht and were divided into seven Bank accounts. Only the scammers got about $ 24 million.

According to the police, for participation in the scheme had already been arrested actor Geratest Jaravia. Leader of fraudulent organizations believe his brother Print Garabieta. It is remarkable that he was able to leave the country and he is believed to be hiding in the United States. According to the Bangkok Post, currently, CSD cooperates with the US to track down.

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