Cryptoporticus is thriving with web marketing


Cryptoporticus is thriving with web marketing

Cryptomaterial in various forms is widespread around the world. Scammers come up with many tricks in order to lure naive investors into their network. If cryptocurrency company spends too much money on ads, it is likely that we are talking about same.

In October last year, when the overall market was positive, and the bitcoin was worth almost $6000, investors happily received income from growing the virtual coin — bitcoin, ether and Bitcoin Cash. However, this was not enough for some people who sought to guaranteed daily profit. And the company Bitconnect gave them that opportunity.

Of course, the fraudulent scheme was identified and closed, but police lost sight of one of the most important parts. Recently, it became clear how huge amounts the company Bitconnect invested in advertising: it could attract millions of dollars only due to the fact that generously spent on YouTube bloggers and a referral scheme with gifts.

So that became available due to the leakage of the talks in a Skype show that in October of 2017, the company was paying Google and Facebook for advertising at $1000 a day. By November, the figure had increased to $3,000 per day.

It is worth remembering that bitcoin has become the most famous cryptocurrency in the world, without initial investment in promotion. Really good project did not need Intrusive advertising, and promised “gifts from the company”. This is an example of cryptocurrency that you trust. Investors should be careful with those projects that are more focused on PR and not on the quality of the product.

According to the materials of the Idol Coin

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