CryptoStream Minter from the creators of DeCenter announced integrations with the project of Pavel Durov TON


The Minter project, developing a BIP for daily cryptocurrency micropayments, has announced integration with blockchain-project of Pavel Durov TON. The integration will allow users to use smart-contracts, exchange of coins and other technology capabilities TON.

The bitcoin BIP is designed for quick and easy use. In the system of the BIP algorithm is used for consensus DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake), which is also used by the Dash project and the engine Tendermint. Representatives of the project argue that the creation of the unit in the system Minter takes 5 seconds, and each block can include up to 10 thousand transactions. The developers Minter noted that their decision allows you to make transactions faster than the network of bitcoin. The fee for the transfer or exchange of any size will not exceed 1 cent.

“The network of bitcoin full validation of the same transaction can take up to 20 minutes. This is partly why bitcoin is not convenient for companies as a means of payment”, — said the developers.

With Minter, it will be possible to issue its own coins — analogue of tokens on Ethereum. The business will be able to use the released coins as a payment method for goods and services and easily exchange them for BTC, or USD ETH.

“Interest in bitcoin from the community is growing, but business, despite the obvious advantages of the blockchain and cryptography, does not want to mess with the technological risks and a volatile exchange rate of digital assets. To accelerate the introduction of tokens can quick functional projects that offer a simple system of issue of coins and its instant operation in the network. That is why we develop the project”, — says the representative of the project Minter.

According to a whitepaper of the project, the system has three user roles:

delegatory: holders of BIP, which can transfer coins to the management of the validator to confirm transactions in the network;
validators: masternode network, confirming transactions for the Commission;
joinery: creators of their own cryptocurrency on the blockchain Minter.

Integration with project TON users will be able to login using Passport Telegram. The company argued that due to this decision, the entire procedure of verification will take about two minutes. A function of TON Payments will allow you to make regular small payments in coins, released by Minter. In addition, integration will allow the transfer of any Minter of coins in the blockchain TON and use smart contracts TON in the system Minter.

According to representatives of the project, the service information storage TON Storage users will have full control over their credentials in a trustless network TON.

Also, the project intend to conduct airdrop tokens BIP and based on them coins for a total amount of 1000 BTC. Now Minter is conducting a campaign of early access distribution of internal tokens BIP. Team Minter invites users to participate in discussion of the project and integration with TON in the official Telegram channel.

Recall that in March this year, Telegram has attracted $1.7 billion during two rounds of closed ICO.

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