Dash launches SMS payment service for Venezuelans


Cryptoprocta Dash has announced the launch of Dash Text based on SMS payment system for residents of Venezuela.

In a press release the company explained that now to convert cryptocurrency transactions Venezuelan users will not need to have a smartphone or Internet access.

A few months of the hyperinflation almost devalued the Bolivar, Venezuelans are turning to cryptocurrencies, despite the opening of trading Petro as an opportunity to save money, but the need to have a smartphone and Internet connection remain an obstacle for millions of Venezuelans.

The decision from the Dash was built jointly with the company BlockCypher, which specializiruetsya in blockchain solutions and independent of the particular platform products that allow you to manage different cryptocurrencies in one place.

Now the system launched in beta and allows customers of the largest Telecom operators in the country, Movistar and Digitel, access to services Dash through the introduction of a simple five-digit code.

Head of business development at Dash Core, Bradley Zastow, explained the characteristics of demand in the country:

“Venezuelans living abroad sent home estimated $ 2 billion. Usually, this is a very lengthy and expensive process, which is a problem for many clients. Dash Text we offer a real solution to a real problem. People need simple and cheap ways to send money home, and we have implemented it in such a way that the ecosystem of the Dash extends to those who do not have a smartphone!”

According to the official announcement to register in the system Dash text, users can send an SMS with the word DASH in 22625 and SMS with the word CREAR to create a wallet. After that, users will be able to send and receive the cryptocurrency via SMS.

The company also made a deal with Kriple Mobile, manufacturer mobile phones with integrated cryptocurrency wallet Dash that can bring the growth of the user base to 10,000 in a month.

In developing countries, where access to the Internet and smartphone is not all, there are more SMS services: for example, Cointext launched an SMS-crypto for users in 33 countries

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