David Marcus left from Coinbase working in Facebook


David Marcus, who headed the Department for the creation of Facebook messenger, has announced its intention to leave the Board of Directors of the company Coinbase.

According to him, the output of the Board of Directors was necessary in order to avoid a conflict of interest, as Marcus will work on blockchain solution for Facebook.

To establish a working group in Facebook, it became known a few months ago. Then David Marcus left the old post and headed the unit, which includes more than 10 people. Any accurate information about products in development not raskryvaetsja, we only know that the group fully focused on blockchain.

The head of Coinbase Brian Armstrong commented on the departure of his colleague.

“He remains a close friend of the company. We are grateful to him for helping in the beginning of our journey, aims to create an open financial system for the world.”

Earlier, Facebook allowed Coinbase to advertise their services on all company owned sites.

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